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Yard 29 is a 7-9month male kelpie crossbreed. He came in with is German Shepherd friend who also lives in yard 29. He’s a bit of a livewire and is a very ‘busy’ dog, with lots of wriggly excitement when we were handling him in the yard. He’s got some good basic training with sit, drop, wait down pat when the treats come out. Yard 29 is quite stressed and after a bit of a run around started to settle well – needs to take a breath and then he was back on an even keel. He has some great bones and with some time and effort would make a good companion. His dog to dog showed that he has some things to learn with doggy socialisation and we feel he’s at a “sliding doors” moment in his development, as there was lots of good things but some anxiety in there too.


This gorgeous girl tries so hard to please and is looking for a home where she’s given the ability to kick goals on a daily basis. Her tail never stopped wagging the whole time we had her out and she was trying her very best to tell the handler how hard she was working to do the right thing. Mel loves people and pats, has some good basic training and is manageable on lead. Her initial caution at meeting the tester dog soon melted away and she was happy to show her playful nature by instigating play. Mel was the last dog we assessed in what was a very long day. However, Mel’s amazing skills and focus for the ball gave all the handlers a much needed second wind and we were all charging around the yard playing zoomies and trying to catch the perfect photo of her catching the ball mid-flight. She would bring the ball back without fail every time and drop it expectantly at your feet ready for the next round. We loved having her out in the yard and she showed us her affectionate, as well as playful, side. Often “ball mad” dogs aren’t so keen on the snuggles, but Mel didn’t disappoint, giving us all equal share of the pats. Such a lovely girl that would love to find a fun family to play with.


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