Bob was rescued from Cowra pound in NSW and it was pretty apparent there was something wrong with his hind legs which is possibly why he was dumped in the first place. In obvious discomfort, his gait and his sitting position indicated a problem with his hips and xrays and physical examination confirmed bilateral hip dysplasia with dislocation. The degree of dislocation meant it was not going to be as easy as putting him on modified exercise or medication so surgery had to be organised. He has to undergo bilateral femoral head excision which is cutting off the head of the femur, which normally sits inside the hip socket but which is clearly out of position in both hips.

Total rest for a period then gradual gentle exercise will allow him to use both legs without pain and over time the leg bones fall into alignment and the joint heals with tendons and muscles supporting the femur instead of the bony hip socket. Yes, he will always be a little less vigorous than your average kelpie but after he heals his mobility will be good and he will be pain free.

This is, unfortunately, quite costly surgery with having to have both hips done, so we are asking for your help.

Please donate and share.

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