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Milo is a gentle boy who currently lives with two dogs, a cat and chooks. His foster carers have had no problems with this. After some initial tension over food all three of them play really well together. He is an inside/outside dog, but was previously always an outside dog so it took some work from his carers for him to realise that he was allowed inside to sleep at night.

He does cower and shake when voices are raised. The raised voice wasn’t aimed at Milo but it scared the living daylights out of him. He is very much a man’s dog. He idolises our carer’s hubby but can take me or leave her. We believe this is probably because he has lived with a man with little exposure to women previously. His carers have no problems with him around their baby, he is not particularly interested in her. Having said that as with any dog he is not left unsupervised around her.

We are told that his mum was a pure kelpie and his dad was a pure Shar Pei. He has the Shar Pei shaped head with the fine Kelpie body. He is well fed but is still very fine and thin. He is a fussy eater and often needs to be encouraged to try new foods, he is not gutsy at all. He loves his chicken and chicken necks. He walks well on a lead once he is on it but gets so excited just when he knows he’s going for a walk he will try and pull out of his harness as soon as the front door is open.

He has only been in the car a couple of times and is not used to it at all.

He loves to chase a ball, it is one of his favourite things to do. But he is not very good at giving the ball back so it can be thrown again.

Milo can be a little aloof and really needs his new owner to be his best mate. His previous owner had him with him everwhere and they were really never apart. He is now by our carer’s hubby’s side all the time. If Hubby goes outside then so does Milo, he just adores him and sticks to him like velcro.

If Milo appeals to you as a gentle and loyal companion please complete our adoption questionnaire and we can arrange for you to meet him.


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Update 26/01: Angus has commenced his 2 week adoption trial with his hopefully forever family. – update 8/2: Angus is formally adopted!!

Angus is a divine boy, friendly, affectionate and obedient and he loves people and playing with other dogs. He does currently take exception to dominant, undesexed dogs but having only recently been desexed himself this may settle over time and with further socialisation. He spends most of his time outside but has been in the house without any accidents and does not mark anywhere inside.

He loves chasing his bucket or ball and is very interested in the sheep in the paddock next door but has not been tested on them nor with cats or children so these aspects of his temperament are not currently known.

If you are interested in Angus he is in foster care in Elmhurst, Vic presently but you can apply to adopt him by completing our online questionnaire.

His adoption fee of $300 covers his microchip, vaccination, heartworm test, worming and desexing.


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Update 24/01: Each pup now has its own listing as an AWDRI dog. This post is now archived.

All young pups, energetic and friendly, currently wormed but no other vetting done.

We are seeking foster homes to take these pups so that we can see to their vetting and find new homes for them.

Can you foster a pup for us?

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