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Dogga with long coat. Photo below of him with a short coat is how he looks now although it will have grown a bit since being clipped in October.



Are you a dog or cat owner, or an animal lover of any kind?  Imagine how you would feel if your loved companion animal suddenly disappeared, & you knew it was out there somewhere, but you couldn’t get it back. This nightmare is what happened to Gail Jamieson ‘s daughter Katie, in October 2011, when her treasured family pet, a six year old border collie named DOGGA, was stolen from the gates of the RSPCA, & they have been searching frantically for him ever since. The story of exactly what happened reads like a whodunit, so follow carefully:

On Friday October 14th, Gail & Katie left Brisbane to attend an Awards ceremony at Caboolture. Dogga was left secure (or so they thought) at Gail’s home in Runcorn, under the care of Gail’s husband Frank. There was a thunderstorm early Saturday morning & like many other pets do, Dogga freaked out & somehow managed to escape the yard & run free. Frank realised Dogga was gone from the yard at approx 3.30pm when he returned home from work, and rang Gail & Katie, who returned to Brisbane to commence a search for him throughout the neighbourhood. They rang the RSPCA, & then a friend told them Dogga had been at the local shops earlier that morning. They went there about 9am Sunday 16th, & spoke with the Newsagent there, Ken, who told them Dogga HAD been there from about 5.30am til 10am on the Saturday 15th, & that they had kept him there until Ken’s wife & her son took Dogga to the RSPCA at Fairfield, on their way to a maths tutoring appointment.

A good Samaritan story, which should have had a happy ending. What happened next is bone-chilling to anyone who knows what it’s like to have a run-away dog. Continue reading

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