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Adopted from pound

Impound #: 8434
Name: Cassie
Breed: kelpie x cattledog
Size: small-medium
Sex: female
Age: 5 months
Due: 6/1
Observation Notes: Young Cassie is very playful & loves to know what’s going on around her. Basically a pup who just wants to have a game with everyone.

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Update 18/01/12: Lily is becoming a failed foster and being adopted by her foster carer due to health issues which mean that she may not be with us too much longer :(

Update 11/01: Lily has gone into foster care in Bendigo, Victoria

Update 6/1/12: Lily will be coming into foster care with AWDRI next week pending vetting and transport to Vic.

This girl was picked up last week found wandering. She has a bit of a gash in her side (poss bite wound maybe ) but she also has hardly any skin left on her back paw pads which was making it very painful to walk poor girl.
She’s about 8/9 years and has been looked after so hopefully someone will think to look in the pound to claim her.
Has been bad storms lately so she could have escaped her yard, ranger will put a pic in local paper but have put her up here just in case she needs help.

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Bud:  Red male ACD (deaf), 2 yr old Sydney, NSW *on trial*

Bud: Red male ACD (deaf), 2 yr old Sydney, NSW *on trial*

Bud is an absolutely lovable, affectionate and very full on enthusiastic boy.  He is always switched on and always ready to play fetch with a passion that his carer has never seen in any animal or human. He has an awesome love for life and has the face of an angel!

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