Daily Archives: January 19, 2012

Update 25/01: Cricket has been rescued by AWDRI and will be put through her vetting etc before flying to her adoptive home in Brisbane.

This little girl is a very quite girl who enjoys her human company, she is very affectionate. She appears to have Corgi legs and is very small for her age. She is very gentle in her approach to someone. She was a real joy to be in the yard with and would make a good companion and loyal friend.

Further assessment information below.

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Taz was found as a stray and handed in to a vet clinic in Caboolture and after passing his impoundment period he is now in the care of AWDRI and available to adopt.

He is a typical young, active pup who does require training, exercise and mental stimulation but is loving and affectionate and has his basic commands down pat now.

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