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Mack is an absolute gem of a dog, a real pleasure to care for, and he cannot be faulted. He has no destructive behaviours, has not barked at all whilst being with his carer, and is wonderful on the lead. he knows sit and drop and is learning more.
He has wonderful manners when meeting other people and dogs. He would be suited to a home with or without other dogs. He does have a preference for being an inside dog and is currently living with three other dogs and isn’t really fussed if they are there or not. He wants to be with his carer as much as possible and follows her everywhere.
He is very well behaved inside the house, and very quickly learnt which was his bed. He only needs to be told no once if doing something that is not desired.
He’s not high energy, is happy to sleep inside all day, but as soon as he is outside he LOVES to play ball. He is particularly fond of a soccer ball. he always brings it straight back to your feet, and will nose it closer and closer to encourage you to throw it for him!!

To adopt this charming and fun loving companion please complete our adoption questionnaire: http://www.workingdogrescue.com.au/application-forms/apply-to-adopt-from-awdri/

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Update 23/01: Adopted from the pound!

On PTS list 24/1

RF NOTES | gorgeous friendly natured boy, in good condition, appears fine with dogs kenneled next to him
VOLUNTEER NOTES | What a very exciteable and friendly young man we have on our hands! He was almost overexcited to be out of his kennel – and his very basic obedience shows. Easy to correct though – he is super intelligent! He just loves people and wants to jump in your arms or wrestle on the grass with you…and wrestle…and wrestle. He also loves other pooches and just wants to play. His coat is fairly coarse which suggests he hasn’t had the best diet going, and although on the skinny side his skeletal frame isn’t showing – good quality food and he will be right in no time. A smiley young man he tells you how much he appreciates you paying him attention by giving you lots and lots of kisses! ADORE HIM! (AK 22/1)

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