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Tradies Assistant available for immediate start


NAME: Dutch

AGE: 2 ½ years old

SEX: Male

BREED: Blue Cattle dog cross


To be honest my resume is pretty thin but only because I have never been given the opportunity to show anyone what I am really capable of doing, and also I am still young. But given the right position and boss I know that I can thrive. I will be your best mate for the rest of my life and I will never let you down.

I pride myself on not being a “crazy constantly running nut job” I am living with one of those at the moment and between you and me let’s just say there’s not much between the ears. Myself, I am more of a thinker, don’t get me wrong I love a good run down at the beach, but I don’t have to do it all day long. I prefer to be hanging out with my mates just chillin in the shade.


  • I am fully qualified to sit in the back of your ute.
  • On occasions I have been 2IC and been up front with the driver.
  • Superior lunch box guardian and quality controller.
  • I already know how to sit on command.
  • Wait at the gate.
  • Sit for dinner.
  • Walking on the lead is a breeze and I come when I am called.
  • I love kids but I am a stocky boy and I still need to learn not to push them over when I am excited
  • De-sexed
  • Vaccinated
  • Micro chipped
  • Wormed
  • Flea Treated


I have known Dutch for a couple of weeks now and within that time I have found him to be an honest and hard working dog. Dutch would be better suited to a position where he is in charge as sometimes he has issues taking orders from other dogs.

He has been fine with my 2 year old daughter but he is a stocky, strong dog and he still needs to learn to curb his excitement when it comes time to go for a walk or get in the car.

He is a dog that wants to be with you all day long and I can honestly see him fitting in fine on a worksite or at a workshop.

Dutch has never chewed or dug or tried to get out. He is currently running with 3 other dogs, 2 males and 1 female and the only time he has gotten agro is when we’ve been getting in the car and the younger dogs have been jumping all over him. He just gives them a quick snip to shut them up.

He knows all his basic obedience commands but again gets excited when given good praise and then jumps up at you so more training is needed. I know he will give his new owners 110% and show you the love, respect and devotion that only come with owning a cattle dog.

To Adopt: http://www.workingdogrescue.com.au/application-forms/apply-to-adopt-from-awdri/

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This little guy is looking for someone who can give him a nice big backyard to stretch his legs in. He is approximately 12 months old and is already desexed, he is in very good nick – no bones sticking out on this boy! He is super friendly and just wants someone to play with. Has shown no signs of aggression what-so-ever to Pound staff and volunteers. Please note that he is a pound dog on the PTS list so we are unaware of what he is like with children, other dogs or cats.

If you can give this smiley boy a happy home to call his own – or even foster him until his furever family comes along – please fill out our online adoption or foster form.

This gorgeous little fellow is looking for a foster home or a furever home that he deserves. He is timid at first, but really loves a cuddle and is a beautiful dog to look at. He is approximately 8 months old andlooksto be a cross with Kelpie perhaps? Can you offer this beautiful dog a home that will love and spoil him? He is located at Maryborough Pound, QLD

Jasper has been adopted by his foster carer 🙂

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11 week old female Koolie x puppy, black with white blaze

Smart as a button, delightful little pup, very well socialised.  She is currently living with 2 cattle dogs and is having a wow of a time learning to play, learning to be respectful of other dogs and learning her place in my lap, I mean, in the pack.

She is a cuddle junkie, and loves nothing more than to curl up in a lap and have a nap, or next to you on the couch.

She is currently being house-trained and is responding very well to positive reinforcement and treats.

Update 11/03: Piper has been adopted.

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