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Update 5/2: Reggie was rehomed by his owner.

Reggie is full of life.. loves a pat..very fast on his feet when you call him back. Follows kids around the yard but like to be at his master feet. Will tell you about the weather. Not fan of fireworks. Lawn mower not a fan. Good bark on him, will tell you if people or snake is about. You will get to know his different barks but is all show.

Reggie is an urgent private rehoming due to financial hardship and his family are reluctantly surrendering him.

Can you foster Reggie for us? http://www.workingdogrescue.com.au/application-forms/apply-to-foster/


Update 2/2 – Safe with rescue

Due 5/2

This fellow is a friendly, outgoing adolescent who was generally easy to manage. Gives the impression of possibly having been a working dog. Has a chain around his neck, is very dirty (pound were going to give him a bath). He is a young dog with a handsome and unique look about him, white with chocolate markings around tail and leg, lighter brown/tan around hock area. His nose does not have full pigment and would need sunscreen. He is pretty much typical of a young, working breed type – happy, friendly, outgoing and active (though not hyper). A lovely boy who would be easy to train.

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Update 2/2 – Safe with rescue

This kelpie x boy got into abit of trouble and killed someones chickens. He is still very friendly with
other dogs and gets along well with people, but as he was only in a small yard with no attention
and had no other dog with him and owners are always working he decided to escape and killed a few
chooks. He walks on the lead well.


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Zeus is possibly younger than the 3 yrs he’s estimated to be. He is a delightful boy. He greets you in the morning with bear hug hugs. Literal hugs. He loves the water and the ocean where he is fostered. He is athletic and loves nothing more than to run, run, run. He is GREAT with other dogs, both male and female, young and old. He has great respect for his dog buddies. He is not ball orientated nor does he fetch sticks. He’s his own man on the beach, and loves to round up seagulls and will do it for hours. He is very strong. He leads with his nose, and would suit an occupation that requires good nose instincts if you are that way inclined. He is strong on the lead and would need someone able to handle that kind of strength, although he will get better with continual training. He is a quick learner. He has learned commands in the few days he’s been in foster care. He is quite untrained so is a clean slate for his new furever home, but the minimal training we have done, he’s responded to well. He loves to learn. As an abandoned dog, he does however, have some issues. He is wary of men but particularly wary of men in fleuro work vests. This could be telling for where he may have come from and his previous experiences. He doesn’t know his name well, so may never have known it. He is a very strong boy, so although he’s great with kids and friends,as in, he’s not aggressive,he’s heavy and isn’t aware of his own power sometimes. He IS gentle though.  He loves nothing more than cuddles and play and belly rubs. He can talk! If he wants something from you, he will ‘talk’ to you. It’s hilarious.Loves food. Any kind of food. He initially had no manners around us when we ate and demanded his equality, but we put him outside when eating and so quickly, he is used to it and understands that he’s not going to be inside when we eat. He has a deep voice and although he didn’t bark at all for the first day or two, he has started to claim this as his turf, and barks when someone comes to the door. A very deep bark. He stops when told to or when the visitor comes in. He will need training for a while, but so far, in such a short time, he’s learned quickly so I am positive for his developing into a well trained buddy for a family, couple or solo flyer.

Zeus has his own FACEBOOK page, with over 100 fans! His photos will show why.


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Update 2/2 – Safe

This Female is about 2 year old and she is a very gentle, loving natured girl who also shows her affection
by placing her paw onto your lap and leans in for a cuddle. She gets along well with other dogs and loves
to go for walks on the lead. She will suit all types of familys including with kids!!!


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Bud:  Red male ACD (deaf), 2 yr old Sydney, NSW *on trial*

Bud: Red male ACD (deaf), 2 yr old Sydney, NSW *on trial*

Bud is an absolutely lovable, affectionate and very full on enthusiastic boy.  He is always switched on and always ready to play fetch with a passion that his carer has never seen in any animal or human. He has an awesome love for life and has the face of an angel!

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