Atlas was a very frightened dog when he first arrived of most things except other dogs. His foster carer hand fed him so he would start to trust and become more accustomed to human contact. Within a few days he was a very trusting dog and loves to be patted; he absorbs it like a sponge. He does not bark a lot and is quiet overnight. He sleeps quietly in a crate on the back verandah overnight. He has never had an accident. He just wants your attention all the time and sits on the back table looking into the house watching what you do. He is very excitable with other dogs and can be a little nippy when overstimulated but this is something that is trainable. He looks like he just wants to heel which is a natural instinct in his breed. He is better with his larger foster dog sibling however we think he could be a little overbearing for a smaller dog.  He is learning and when you go into his space he will sit and wait for a pat, he will also follow you around the yard and sit waiting for a pat. On his walks he was very frightened of cars and most things this is improving and is starting to ignore cars. He is very smart and would make a loyal friend. He has started tugging for those interested in an agility dog, he is not interested in the ball.

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Carbon: Male Kelpie x, 18 mth old, NSW

Carbon: Male Kelpie x, 18 mth old, NSW

Carbon is an absolutely lovable Kelpie cross who is wonderful with people - welcoming them with a full backside wag (the tail isn’t enough) and gets down lows then sits near their feet. He is a puppy so he doesn’t quite know his dimensions therefore expect adults and kids alike to get boofed by his hard head and bowled over with all the excitement- it can really hurt. He is fantastic with all dogs (playful & happy) but has been untested around other animals.

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