My name is Raven & I’m a 2 year old female Kelpie x.  I love people and other dogs and if you’re looking for a sweet, loyal dog for your family, I am available!!

I can be a little nervous, so ill need to be a part of everything my new family like to do!.  I’m not the kind of dog who likes to be in the yard by myself all day, I’m a social butterfly!  I’m a pretty energetic Kelpie, so I’d love a couple of walks a day.  I also love playing with the ball, frolicking in the river or just laying at your feet whilst we watch a movie or you eat breakfast. (Yes I will have your toast scraps if you don’t want them)

Having a sibling dog would be great as I don’t like to be left alone; I love having a friend to be with especially if you work or are out during the day. I have gained a lot of confidence with my foster mum & her 2 other kelpies, I am very well behaved inside, I do sleep outside but if you’re happy to have me on your bed that’s okay too!

To meet, adopt or find out more details about Raven, please read our page on the adoption process and then fill out our adoption questionnaire. Please note that completing the application form does not place you under any obligation to adopt.

Sparky meet us when we picked him up, and was very disinterested and shy. He quickly came out of his shell, and is a huge charmer. Sparkys name says it all- he is full of energy and spark. He loves riding in the ute, and doesn’t bark. In fact, he doesn’t bark much at all. It took us 7 days before we heard his voice.
Sparky is bouncy and very playful. He will happily play tug of war or engage with other dogs. Throwing the ball gives him so much joy, however he doesn’t always bring it right back. Mostly, he will lay down and look at you, with the challenge of come and get it.
Sparky has been sleeping inside at night, and is house trained. He loves cuddles, and getting scratches on top of his hind legs. Sparky lays down with his blacklegs spread out, every time. Give him a rub above his tail, and he will promptly roll over, and give you a big smile. He occasionally will gently crawl up into your lap and cuddle. He’s a smoocher and smooth talker, with charm and charism. Somebody forgot to tell him he isn’t a lap dog. Sparky will thrive when he is with his family, and a part of it.
Sparky gently tugs on a lead, but doesn’t pull and walks well with a halter. He knows basic commands of sit, stay, shake, bed, wait and come. He rarely drops, but with encouragement does it reluctantly. He will jog gently beside a bike, but gets distracted by the scents of other dogs on trees.

Sparky is all round beautiful. He is gentle, curious, independent, eager to please, relaxed, playful, quiet, amazing and plain good looking. He would be an asset to any active young family, and will fit in with anyone’s needs. He is a great companion and will always make you smile.
Not sure how much more I can say about this boy.SONY DSC




We love Sparky and he has given us so much love back. Our time with him has been amazing and we are blessed to have been involved with his second chance.

Carbon: Male Kelpie x, 18 mth old, NSW

Carbon: Male Kelpie x, 18 mth old, NSW

Carbon is an absolutely lovable Kelpie cross who is wonderful with people - welcoming them with a full backside wag (the tail isn’t enough) and gets down lows then sits near their feet. He is a puppy so he doesn’t quite know his dimensions therefore expect adults and kids alike to get boofed by his hard head and bowled over with all the excitement- it can really hurt. He is fantastic with all dogs (playful & happy) but has been untested around other animals.

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