Benson is a gorgeous ACD x who is on the smaller side. A very affectionate boy, he just wants to love you and spend time with you. He is very energetic and can jump up into the air and look you in the eye, so he will need high fences! He can be reactive to other dogs and likes to be boss. He is learning lots of new tricks and some doggy manners including learning to sit and wait for his food. He loves belly rubs and will follow you everywhere. He doesn’t mind cats but would prefer a home with no chickens or cattle. He would love an energetic family who will spend time interacting with and training him.

Benson does jump up in excitement, and while he is improving, he does sometimes forget, so not suited to small children as they could be knocked over.

If you’d like to make the very gorgeous Benson a part of your family, or to meet, adopt or find out more details, please read our page on the adoption process and then fill out our adoption questionnaire. Please note that completing the application form does not place you under any obligation to adopt. Adoption Information.

(CC 808 cattle dog x  - male –  4 yo – Hawkesbury)


Amber is as sweet and smooth as chocolate, her looks do not deceive; she is a very calm girl who just loves to be a part of the family and gives kisses in abundance.  Amber is crate trained and if her crate is left open during the day she will take herself to bed for her own time outs.

After a year in a boarding kennel she has taken to being an inside dog very well, she is house trained, very calm indoors, except when she first wakes up in the morning- she likes to run to every room and make sure everybody is there. She is happy to potter around the house with you and enjoy a cuddle when you are ready – she does not command your attention as most dogs would. She does not get on the furniture without encouragement.  Amber currently resides with a child and is very child friendly, she has had baby visitors and is not bothered by them, she does not get under your feet as she constantly looks for your direction she is very alert to your needs. Amber sits on command and shakes hands before being treated or fed. She is working on her “stay” skills as she likes to be close by after such a long time without a family to be with.

She requires little exercise as she has arthritis in her hind leg (currently being managed with natural medicine- no pain relief needed at this stage) she is happy to do most of her exercise in her own yard.  Amber walks well on lead but will give a little pull at first as she is excited to join you on your outing. She also resides with 2 cats and another dog, none of which she is socialised with as Amber is best suited as an only pet.

Amber is a ball nut so needs to be supervised during play times as she may ‘eat’ the ball if left unattended with it. Amber requires very little maintenance as she has a short, shiny coat so a bath and a quick dry is all it takes – no need to brush her.

Amber is Microchipped & up to date with her vaccinations, worming and flea treatments.

Amber is ready to find a home with anyone who would quite enjoy being with her and having her as a part of their family.

To meet, adopt or find out more details about Amber, please read our page on the adoption process and then fill out our adoption questionnaire. Please note that completing the application form does not place you under any obligation to adopt.

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Rhea is a lovely, sweet dog who would fit perfectly into the home life of her new family.  She loves her humans and greets everyone with energy and happiness.

She has a few quirks and these add to her beautiful personality and nature.  She is learning not to jump when she meets you but once her excited energy settles down you will find she is very chilled out and sweet. She is a sucker for scratches and a little massage and you can flip and twist her all around when giving her a brush – she loves it! She follows at your heel and likes to be wherever you are.

Her way of playing with other dogs is quite boisterous and fun and she doesn’t know her size (I think she is still a puppy at heart!) and also likes to play nip so she would need a sibling who is her own size or bigger that doesn’t mind this kind of play.  She would also suit being an only dog as she can be quite relaxed and is happy to do her own thing so long as she has bones and toys to chew and puzzles to play with – she is very food orientated and could sniff out a buried bone a mile away! Also, she gets way too excited over cats and birds so wouldn’t suit having these as siblings – or at least not in her sight.

Rhea is great with kids. She has had interactions with a 10 month old and was always super gentle. She has been climbed all over by a three year old too, who was determined to pretend Rhea was a horse. Rhea would always be patient with him and just give a look to mum that said “what is this boy doing?”.

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Carbon: Male Kelpie x, 18 mth old, NSW

Carbon: Male Kelpie x, 18 mth old, NSW

Carbon is an absolutely lovable Kelpie cross who is wonderful with people - welcoming them with a full backside wag (the tail isn’t enough) and gets down lows then sits near their feet. He is a puppy so he doesn’t quite know his dimensions therefore expect adults and kids alike to get boofed by his hard head and bowled over with all the excitement- it can really hurt. He is fantastic with all dogs (playful & happy) but has been untested around other animals.

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