10641046_832738216760207_3804010705024859292_n (1) 10641236_832738573426838_1485674041387573225_n 10639628_832738726760156_3795285443717631539_nBaxter is very loving.

Baxter has shown to be good with other dogs and chickens. He loves water.

Baxter would like a home with company. He just wants to be with people and loves attention.

He has basic obedience – he sits, drops, comes when called.

Baxter is learning good food manners and will “wait” before eating.

Baxter is toilet trained and has good behaviour when inside.

To apply for Baxter, please fill in our application form here :


Leo is a lovely boy who is full of energy, smart and eager to please.

Since coming into care a some weeks ago he has become comfortable walking on the lead and has almost mastered fetching a ball.

He responds well to commands such as sit and stay and waits politely for his food. His favourite game is tug of war and he likes squeaky toys.

Leo spends the evenings inside and sleeps in the garage. He doesn’t make any noise throughout the night.

His carer has been told he is good with small children, although,she does not have any of her own. He is timid around the cat.

He is very loving towards the carer’s dog although a gradual introduction to her was required.

To meet, adopt or find out more details about Leo, please read our page on the adoption process and then fill out our  adoption questionnaire. Please note that completing the application form does not place you under any obligation to adopt




Safe with AWDRI pending transport into foster care

Pound notes: Sue is a six year old border collie X(maybe) she is a dog who was not a very good worker she was okay in sheep yards but not out in the open and would prefer to play with the boy dogs. She is friendly

Carbon: Male Kelpie x, 18 mth old, NSW

Carbon: Male Kelpie x, 18 mth old, NSW

Carbon is an absolutely lovable Kelpie cross who is wonderful with people - welcoming them with a full backside wag (the tail isn’t enough) and gets down lows then sits near their feet. He is a puppy so he doesn’t quite know his dimensions therefore expect adults and kids alike to get boofed by his hard head and bowled over with all the excitement- it can really hurt. He is fantastic with all dogs (playful & happy) but has been untested around other animals.

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