Tulsa is a super affectionate and loving puppy. He adores being cuddled and if you had the time, he’d sit for hours and let you pat him!

He is a lovely and very well behaved dog although he hasn’t had any training before moving into his foster home, so he is still learning the basics but picks training up very quickly.

Tulsa is an active dog and loves exercise.  He loves going for a run and is fun to walk with.  He’s still learning how to interact with other dogs and will need careful introduction to new dogs at the dog park.  He has a jumpy way of playing that some dogs may misinterpret.

Tulsa can jump quite high – he can easily jump a 6ft fence.  He can be left alone outside when people are at home, but his future home will require good fencing or for him to be crated/left inside when no one is home.

He’s happy in his own company and house trained.  He loves being in the backyard and will happily spend a few hours wandering around outside.  Clap your hands, and he will run super fast around the yard for you!  He’ll occupy himself with a box of toys all day and his carers leave him with empty plastic bottles with treats and he spends hours trying to get the treats out!

To meet, adopt or find out more details about Tulsa, please read our page on the adoption process and then fill out our adoption questionnaire. Please note that completing the application form does not place you under any obligation to adopt.

Nyla is a 12 week old little puppy and is very sweet natured. She loves cuddles and loves being around people. She spends her days playing with her sisters and exploring her foster home! Nyla has spent a lot of time with the foster carers older dogs as well! Nyla Would make a great addition to any family looking for a new furry friend! Nyla

Marli is a sweet natured little 12 week old puppy who when she first arrived into care was really timid and scared of everyone but she has really come out of her shell and is loving life and always looks so happy when she is playing with her sisters!

Keili Keili is a playful little 12 week old puppy who loves everybody. She is the biggest girl out of her sisters but she has a huge heart as well! She loves spending her days playing and running around with her littler mates. Keili currently sleeps in a crate at night. Keili would make a wonderful addition to any family looking for a new fur baby!

Alaska- A Canine Super Model!! This girl has the WOW factor!
Alaska is a very sweet natured, happy dog who loves company. She is very friendly, loves pats and cuddles and always likes to keep an eye on what you are doing.
Although she does not seem to have had any training by her previous owner/s, she appears to be very intelligent and is responding well to basic commands in the home. She is very food driven and will learn quickly.
She is very well behaved inside, only coming in when instructed, and is generally very quiet. Alaska has found a best friend in my cat Ash, they love playing together! It does appear she was previously exposed to cats as she knew to avoid the claws well before they came out. They are happy to sleep near each other after play time and she is even happy to share her bowl with the cat, often eating or drinking out of the same bowl at the same time.

Alaska is an absolute delight to have around.






Banjo is a real mixture of wonderful things!  She is a friendly, laid-back lady who also has Kelpie energy and can keep moving all day long.

She has obviously been cared for and is slightly overweight but not food-focused.    She gets on well with other dogs but is also quite happy to play on her own.   She has shown no signs of interest in her carer’s chickens, sheep or cattle.

Banjo will need further training to desensitise her from cars as, like many working dogs, she finds them absolutely fascinating – which is something that needs to be deterred.  She finds heavy vehicles unsettling and will also need some desensitisation training.

Car travel, however, is completely different.  Banjo LOVES travelling in the car and is quite happy to hop into the car and invite herself along for the ride with an inquiring: “Are we there yet?” on her lovely face.

While in care, Banjo is learning basic commands and her carers are working on her jumping and her leash walking skills.  This is something that her new owners will need to continue as training should always be an ongoing activity and is an excellent way to strengthen the bond between a dog and her family.

Banjo’s carers are working on her confidence as she is can startle easily.  Time, increased positive experiences and desensitisation should help to continue to increase this lovely girl’s confidence.

To meet, adopt or find out more details about Banjo please read our page on the adoption process and then fill out our adoption questionnaire. Please note that completing the application form does not place you under any obligation to adopt Continue reading

Carbon: Male Kelpie x, 18 mth old, NSW

Carbon: Male Kelpie x, 18 mth old, NSW

Carbon is an absolutely lovable Kelpie cross who is wonderful with people - welcoming them with a full backside wag (the tail isn’t enough) and gets down lows then sits near their feet. He is a puppy so he doesn’t quite know his dimensions therefore expect adults and kids alike to get boofed by his hard head and bowled over with all the excitement- it can really hurt. He is fantastic with all dogs (playful & happy) but has been untested around other animals.

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