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*Safe with AWDRI – Just into care*

Location: Toby is located in Brisbane but is available for travel.

To meet, adopt or find out more details about Toby please read our page on the adoption process and then fill out our adoption questionnaire. Please note that completing the application form does not place you under any obligation to adopt –  Continue reading


*Safe with AWDRI – Just into care*

Hello there, my name is Possum! I’m an outgoing, energetic boy who wants to be friends with everyone. I get along with all dogs. One of my favourite things to do is romp around at the dog park with all my friends. I love playing fetch and can catch balls straight out of the air!

I haven’t had much training before but in just the short time my foster mum has had me I’ve learnt to sit, wait for my food and to come inside only when asked. My ‘stay’ and ‘come’ are coming along nicely as well so my foster mum says I’m a very clever boy and not just a pretty face!

I’m very good with kids, they’re lots of fun to play with! I’m also learning about cats – I’m very interested in them but I know I’m not to chase them. Continue reading


Hello my name is Indie!

I am such a well behaved, beautiful girl who has so much love to give.  I am a fast learner and have lovely manners. My foster Ma makes me sit and shake paw before my breakfast and dinner and sometimes I’m such a good girl I even lay down on command!

I enjoy spending my days sunning myself in the backyard and playing with my foster sisters. I am very gentle and listen well. I love playing with lots of different toys – tug ropes are my absolute favorite. Continue reading


Hubert – honest, kind, wonderful Hubert!  A truly loyal soul, Hubert loves nothing more than being by his human’s side.  Snuggling against your legs, Hubie looks up into your face with adoration that is very hard to resist!

Hubert is fostered on acreage with only farm fencing and is well suited to the country life.  He does not wander when you are home.  Hubert waits patiently by the back door for you to start the day with him – checking the chooks with you, hanging out the washing, and following your footsteps to the workshop.  He curls up under the bench while you toil away or potters around nearby entertaining himself, frequently returning to check in with you by pressing his nose against your hand or sneaking his paws onto the bench, and gently reaching up to join in what you are up to!

Hubert enjoys a walk through the bush or paddocks, and does not chase wildlife – ignoring the plentiful gang of kangaroos around the property.  He leaves the chooks alone to free range, and although Hubert finds it hard to resist not “helping” with the horses when they are being worked or led somewhere, he knows to leave them be when they are in the paddocks.

Hubert gets along well with other dogs.  He wrestles exuberantly and plays tug of war with his young kelpie foster sister – he also tries often to entice the older kelpie girls into some fun… sometimes his persistence pays off!  He is a bit perplexed by all the frantic activity of a doggie ball game and is often just as happy watching the mayhem from the sidelines with his human.  Although once he gets his confidence, he zooms after his ball mad foster sister, and if he forgets himself and gets a telling off for coming too close, he dutifully obeys and gives her space.  Hubert relishes stretching his lanky farm style collie legs, following the four wheel motorbike, and playing chasey round the house with his young foster sibling.

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Jax is a very boisterous young boy that is at his happiest when he has his family around or he is eating. He loves having a dog friend but we are sure that he will be happy in his new home with or without a four legged friend.

Jax has the basic training; he sleeps in the laundry, is toilet trained, sits, drops and stays (most of the time) but will need ongoing training. He is a protective dog (barking/stance) but as soon as he gets to know the regulars to his new home he will be fine.

Jax wants to play and follow you everywhere but he also loves to lay in his bed of an evening in the living room with the family before bedtime in the laundry. Jax will make a fantastic family dog.

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Introducing Bran (affectionately known as Bear by his foster mum as he is such a cuddly boy). Not only is Bran extremely handsome he is also super intelligent and has learnt a lot in his short time in care. He will sit, stay, shake, retrieve balls, take food and treats very gently from your hand and will wait his turn patiently for food. He learnt to use the dog door quickly and seems to have mastered toilet training now. He loves to go in the car and travels well. He is good on the lead but can get a bit strong with excitement when he sees other dogs as he likes to introduce himself to everyone. He has great agility and would suit an active home where he could put his agility and intelligence to good use. He also loves his down time chilling on the couch and in front of the fire.

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