Blaze is a lovely looking black Kelpie female with a white blaze on her chest.

She’s a quiet, good girl and loves relaxing to chew on bones, cow horns and firewood!

She’s quiet and retiring around family, birds and animals, but gets exuberant when greeting her prime rescuer/carer first thing in the morning or after an absence of a few hours. She is friendly with other dogs but hasn’t yet met cats as far as her carers are aware.

Blaze is very well-behaved and has some basic training. She’s fast to pick things up so should easily learn any new tricks her new owner might think appropriate.

To meet, adopt or find out more details about Blaze, please read our page on the adoption process and then fill out our  adoption questionnaire. Please note that completing the application form does not place you under any obligation to adopt




A dog named ‘Sam’…


How does the Olivia Newton John song go? “Are you glad to be free? Are you feeling lost just like me? Longing for company”.


Sam is just hanging loose waiting for his new family. He is a happy young fellow, and is a joy to have around.

Being a smaller sized kelpie, he is affectionately known as the pocket rocket. Sam has spent time with our working stock dog trainer, and it is evident that the working life isn’t the right road for Sam; he is however a smart boy and is thriving off being taught new things.


He is great with children, adults and gets along with his temporary foster pack of dogs. He sits when asked and walks well on the leash. Sam is just a young fellow and comes when called majority of the time as he just loves to please his humans. Sam loves running and wrestling with the other dogs and swimming in the dam.

Sam is a great little dog to have, and he will make his potential new family smile with his happy goofball personality.

To meet, adopt or find out more details about Sam, please read our page on the adoption process and then fill out our adoption questionnaire. Please note that completing the application form does not place you under any obligation to adopt.



Lizzy is a lovely looking girl with a beautiful personality.  She always has a gorgeous happy smile on her face and beams up at you with her milk-moustache grin.  Her exact age is unknown but she is certainly well past the crazy puppy or adolescent stages and probably getting towards old age.  She is a fun-loving and spritely girl, quite fit and always up for a walk and a bounce around the yard with her foster siblings or carer.  She walks quite well on lead, occasionally taking a creative route around legs, but this is improving with every walk.  Lizzy has even gone over a low agility jump, although her preference is to stare it down for a while and then sprint around it, grinning madly, for a cuddle.
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Fudge is a beautiful natured boy who loves nothing more than being with his person. He’s a little unsure at first but warms to people quickly. Initially he suffers a little anxiety if he can’t see where you are but once he gets used to the idea that you will come back, he settles well.

He is quiet and gentle, gets along well with other dogs, good with children, happy to be wherever you are whether that be at home, at work or anywhere. If you want a dog you can take to work with you, he’s your man. He has been spending time in an office environment and will happily laze the day away as long as he can see you. He is best suited to someone who can spend a lot of time with him. He is not the kind of dog that would be happy alone in a backyard all day. He would definitely need a playful dog companion if this was the case. Continue reading

Trickett is a sweet little pup, she loves cuddles, and loves to play with the bigger and smaller dogs at her foster home. She is very intelligent and picks things up very quickly. She approaches you readily for pats and cuddles and is always on the go.As she is only a puppy she will need someone to teach her commands and tricks. This girl would be a great addition to any family 013





Marge5Marge is a friendly older dog with a gentle, calm temperament. She seems quite confident now. She is very affectionate(loves tummy rubs) and enjoys human contact. For her age she is in good condition and is quite active. She enjoys a 2-3 kilometre walk in the morning and a shorter walk in the afternoon. Loves playing with our 5yo male Red Cattle Dog. Not particularly interested in toys – but likes to chase our dog when he is playing with a ball or frisbee. Marge is very friendly to other people we meet in public – the same with dogs. I haven’t noticed a preference for male or female. She is obedient and follows basic commands such as sit, come, stay and heel. She is food motivated. She has a healthy appetite, is well mannered at feeding times and isn’t fussy. When we go out she is happy to stay in her kennel – I think she appreciates the company of our dog and it seems to give her comfort. She walks well on lead. During the day in-between walks she is very happy to sleep on her bed inside if we are home. She hasn’t shown any tendency to stray, even when the front gates are open momentarily – she seems quite attached to her home surroundings. She is also happy to let people inside the gate without barking or growling at them. She doesn’t bark very often at all. I have only observed barking once or twice when we arrived at the off-leash dog beach and she was excited about her walk. Overall a wonderful dog that would make a perfect companion or family dog.

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