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Pound NaMe , DAS Canberra
Pound Phone: 02 6207 2424
Due Date if known: NOW
YARD 30 Desexed Male Kelpie mix
AGE: 3 years

Yard/cage/handling/health: So gentle in the cage, gently placed paws on handler but then sat nicely while she got the collar and then basically walked in to the collar so she could put it on. Nicely walked to pen. Might be toilet trained. Was a bit tense during handling and highly distracted by the goings on around us.

Training/test recall/ ball or toy focussed: Takes treats gently but was very stimulated and stressed so his focus wasn’t the best. Walks beautifully on the lead. Needs some more basic training and would probably be more focused outside the pound.

Doll test: Excited to see the doll and was quite gentle with it.
Food guarding: Moved away of his own volition when the hand approached and was turned off his food after that.
Dog to dog: This guy was our tester dog for the day and he was pretty good. He gets a bit tense when first spotting the other dog, but then after getting a read on them he tends to relax. He did put up with a few idiots quite well. Was not interested in playing. He was generally a bit unsure about other dogs but was appropriate with them.

Fence jumping/climbing/digging: He slipped out when handler tried to put him in cage, but once in there made no attempts to get out.

Comments: This guy was one of our favourites of the day. He was so gentle and pleasant and trotted around like a prince with you on lead. He was our tester dog and met appropriately with the other dogs = he put up with a lot of foolishness from other dogs well – although was generally a bit unsure about other dogs. He was not overly playful with them either. He was a bit distracted and tense in the pound but we think once he was out and relaxed he would be a wonderful, gentle companion.

Has been held over 3 times **urgent**
Comments : This guy is a real livewire and is still just a big goofy pup. He is very treat motivated and will work for food and actually food was only the only thing that keeps him focused. He would need a confident handler as he is a doofus and can be a handful however he does settle. He was our tester dog today and he was a little barky on the approach but then he would be friendly and appropriate and would try and set up for zoomies. We had him out for the day and he did settle with touch and just general calming techniques. A lovely big doughnut of a pup that does need guidance and training however will offer you lots of smiles along the way.

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