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Due 3pm 21/10

Pound volunteer notes: This is a stunning looking lady who is quite shut down in the pound environment. She showed a lot of signs of stress and was very uncomfortable with handling to the point that we had to cease that part of the test. She ignored the other dogs and showed signs that she did not want to meet it so further testing would be required if she were to go into a multi dog home. She began to warm up once the treats came out and showed that she was very treat motivated, she walks beautifully on lead and can sit. She will need an experienced home that understands body language and work on her ability to be touched and handled. She would benefit from lots of positive experiences and daily exercise and training. A gorgeous girl who needs some work to help her shine.

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Due 3pm 21/10 :(

Pound volunteer notes: This is a good looking young fella who is quite gentle and keen to please. He walks nicely on lead and will look to his handler to make sure he is doing the right thing. He was good when meeting the other dogs though did have one little growl when meeting another very forward young entire male. He is great with handling and loves affection from his people. He presents really badly in the cage with lots of jumping but didn’t jump much at all while out in the yard. He would love a home where he gets daily activity and continued training and can be a part of the family. A happy man who would love a great home!

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Bud:  Red male ACD (deaf), 2 yr old Sydney, NSW

Bud: Red male ACD (deaf), 2 yr old Sydney, NSW

Bud is an absolutely lovable, affectionate and very full on enthusiastic boy.  He is always switched on and always ready to play fetch with a passion that his carer has never seen in any animal or human. He has an awesome love for life and has the face of an angel!

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