Private Rehomings

Dogs who, for one reason or another, are up for rehoming due to their family no longer being able to care for them.

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Toby is an extremely intelligent and friendly young border collie with a rakish and handsome air about him.  He has received basic training at puppy school and walks beautifully on lead, knows sit and drop but needs more training  As you would expect of his breed, he is very quick and eager to learn.

He loves chasing a ball – although hasn’t been taught to bring it back yet!  At the moment, Toby’s owners are not able to provide him with the care and attention he requires and he is quite bored in the backyard – chewing up toys and occasionally jumping up when excited.  For this reason, he is looking for a new home with an owner who has the time to provide mental and physical enrichment as well as the training necessary for a happy and well-adjusted working dog.  Toby takes treats very gently but is so eager to please that they’re hardly necessary so training should be a pleasure – he’s happy with a ball and some attention.

He has very strong herding instincts.  He has been raised with cats but will chase if they run but does not nip or bite them.

Toby loves all people – particularly men.  He is good with children – very tolerant of even the littlies but he is still a little boisterous due to his age.

Toby is a wonderful dog who needs a family who have the time to give him plenty of stimulation and in turn, he will prove a wonderful best friend. Continue reading

Good with horses, chooks, kids and other dogs. Loves playing. Will more than likely work stock if trained how to as she has a great natural ability and a keen eye. Would be great at dog sports.

Jazz needs either a foster or adoptive home. To find out more about her or meet her with a view to adoption please complete one of the following forms:

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Sampson is being rehomed by his owners due to no fault of his own. He is a loving, friendly boy who loves nothing more than getting out and chasing a ball or going for a walk. Basic obedience commands intact, he is good with children although caution would be required with young ones due to his youth and boisterous nature. He is a little timid and unsure in unfamiliar environments and situations. He has good recall and walks well on a lead. Not overly fond of cats or other dogs he would do best in a home where he can be with his owners or go to work with them without other dogs around.

Please complete our adoption questionnaire if you are interested in meeting Sampson or finding out more about him:

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Sasha is being rehomed after a move into suburbia where she is constantly in an anxious state due to the noise of the traffic and large, noisy dogs on each side.

Sasha was rescued by her current family from a regional pound after she was allegedly abused by her last owner’s neighbour. As a result she is quite timid initially but has proved through bonding with her current adopter that she is very affectionate and has a good nature once the bond is established and is good with kids (a 4yr old and 6yr old) and is great with the family’s other dog. She doesn’t like loud noises and is wary of strangers and new people but has proven to be a great guard dog and a loyal companion! She doesnt seem too interested in playing ball or things like that but prefers close company and cuddles and playing with the family’s other dog.  Her family is unsure what Sasha would be like with cats, perhaps after being acquainted she may be ok with them. She loves tummy scratches, cuddles, to run and play with the family’s other dog and lying in the sun. Their other dog chews anything in sight but Sasha is very good and has never chewed or destroyed anything that is within reach of her.

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Zac is very high energy, loves children but gets stressed around some dogs. He lOVES chasing balls and bringing them back he needs lots of walks every day or he goes wandering (boredom)
He needs lots of attention as he gets anxious if left for long periods of time.
Is best suited to a female owner, as he has problems with some males.

Urgently seeking either an adoptive or foster home for Zac. Please complete the relevant form if you can help:

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