Rainbow Bridge

hay kelp 1


:rainbowbridge: Run free at rainbow bridge :(

1 old kelpie lovely natured was dumped He has a huge growth/ hernia on his abdomen,

size of an orange, can get vet just to have quick look to see if he has any idea

what it may be it does not seem to be worrying him but it is so big it has lifted

the dogs tail. such a sweet boy

* will need medical attention


pippi 2 pippy 1

This Kelpie was surrendered by her 91 year old owner who just cant look after her any more.    She goes by the name “PIPPI” and is about 8 year old maybe.   She is a very friendly girl and loves people and other dogs. She handles the lead well.




Frankie is an excitable but cuddly, companion girl.

Frankie loves to keep you company and hang around with the man, tinkering in the shed, working on ‘boy stuff’.

Frankie responds quickly to training and gets on well with other dogs and the resident cat.

Frankie would make a great companion and would be best suited to a family or single-person who can offer long term mate-ship on a day-to-day basis (ie: work from home, can take her to work, basic company on a property).

Frankie001  1011416_10151805701867133_1940194718_n


#59 Kelpie

Colour: Black and tan
Sex: male
Desexed: No
Age: 6-12mths

Temperament: This guy is going a bit cage crazy apparently. He has started barking a lot and really

needs a good run around. He did sit when I told him to but only for a few seconds. He was trying to

initiate play through lots of barking with the dog next door who couldn’t have cared less.

He was very soft when being handled and did calm right down once he got attention and affection.

He seems to be on the high energy spectrum of the kelpie breed.
Health: Has a little bit of watery/yellowish diarrhea that started this morning,

didn’t smell and he seems fine apart from that.


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