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Kasey was rescued from a regional NSW pound with an open wound in her cheek, thought to be from an infected tooth. Initial examinations when we took her in for desexing proved that it was anything but a simple infection. Rather it was an open wound created by a gunshot to the head resulting in her jaw being broken with shrapnel still inside her jaw, shattered teeth and an abscess which had burst.

She has had initial surgery and is on antibiotics for the infection but requires further operations to wire the broken jaw and remove more shrapnel which is in danger of migrating to her brain.

As it is we don’t yet know what damage has been done to her brain but she is the sweetest girl imaginable and we want to do all we can to help her recover.

Can you help?

Donate via PayPal 

Donate via GiveEasy –

Donate via SMS – simply text the word KASEY to 0417666938.

Donate via Bank transfer:


BSB: 124044

Account: 21374846

Name: Australian Working Dog Rescue

Reference: Kasey Appeal

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Ziva was rescued from Rockhampton pound just 3 days ago and yesterday developed signs and symptoms consistent with the early stages of parvovirus. Today her condition deteriorated and she was admitted to the vet, testing positive for parvo 🙁

She is only 10 months old and this was her chance at a new life. Please help us get her all the treatment she needs in order to beat this rotten disease which took another pup from us just last week.

Thank you in advance from all of us at AWDRI ♥

Donate via PayPal

Or to our bank account: BOQ – BSB: 124044 Account: 21374846 Name: Australian Working Dog Rescue Reference: Ziva Appeal

Or donate via SMS by texting ZIVA to 0417666938 and specify the amount.

This was her after release from the pound. We want to see this happy, smiley face again 🙁


Bob was rescued from Cowra pound in NSW and it was pretty apparent there was something wrong with his hind legs which is possibly why he was dumped in the first place. In obvious discomfort, his gait and his sitting position indicated a problem with his hips and xrays and physical examination confirmed bilateral hip dysplasia with dislocation. The degree of dislocation meant it was not going to be as easy as putting him on modified exercise or medication so surgery had to be organised. He has to undergo bilateral femoral head excision which is cutting off the head of the femur, which normally sits inside the hip socket but which is clearly out of position in both hips.

Total rest for a period then gradual gentle exercise will allow him to use both legs without pain and over time the leg bones fall into alignment and the joint heals with tendons and muscles supporting the femur instead of the bony hip socket. Yes, he will always be a little less vigorous than your average kelpie but after he heals his mobility will be good and he will be pain free.

This is, unfortunately, quite costly surgery with having to have both hips done, so we are asking for your help.

Please donate and share.

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AWDRI Tough Mudder is back! It’s in Sydney this time, and we’ve got a team together!

The event is on Sunday, November 2015, and our team consists of the members listed below.

As a supporter, you can pledge to make a donation to support these people, and to bet against them making the distance in a way. It’s fun, and it helps us save more lives! If the entrant completes the course, you pledge to double your donation. If your initial pledge is $25 or more then you’ll receive a  nice ‘Thank You’ card in the mail later on. If the entrant fails to complete the course and/or fails to at least attempt to take on any of the obstacles in it, if your initial pledge is $25 or more, then you will receive a personalised card, a letter of apology, and  a gift from the entrant. Of course the gift will have an AWDRI theme.

As a preview, the Tough Mudder courses are hardcore 18 to 21 kilometre obstacle courses designed by British special forces. Some of these obstacles include electric shock obstacles. To enter a Tough Mudder event, a death waiver must be signed (which they proudly remind entrants of at the start of the course). To read more about the course, please visit the following URL.

The Team

Erin Holland










Lauren Vickers












Carey Edwards

Carey is back after having completed the Sydney Spring event in 2013 and Melbourne in 2014.






Sponsorship Options

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Please note that by making a donation you are pledging to double the amount if the entrant completes the course. Completion to be verified according to the Tough Mudder event rules, and includes at least attempting every obstacle..

Please be sure to include your mailing address when completing your donation and pledge if using the option of $25.00 or more.

If you would like to sponsor our entrants in other ways, such as providing apparel, branded or otherwise, please email us at

All donations and pledges go directly to rescuing animals.

AWDRI thanks you for helping us assist those animals in need!

2016 AWDRI Calendar

For 2016 our cover shot features Miss World Australia 2013, Erin Victoria Holland, and international model and spokesperson, Lauren Vickers, accompanied by our fantastic ambassadors Nimble and Tricky. Each month stars one or more of our AWDRI rescue dogs shot at iconic Australian locations, printed in vibrant colour, along with a snippet of trivia about where the shot was taken.

They make fantastic Christmas gifts and you won’t be able to do without one on your own wall. Every dollar made from the purchase of these calendars goes back into AWDRI to help us continue rescuing the working breeds of Australia and placing them into loving and suitable homes.


Photographs provided by AWDRI Photography

Buy using PayPal

Number of Calendars

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Calendar Pricing:

1 – 3 Calendars = $15.00 ea

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10 Calendars = $125.00 ($12.50 ea)


Postage & Handling Rates (Australia):

1 Calendar = $3.50

2 Calendars = $4.50

3-4 Calendars = $7.00

5 Calendars = $8.50

10 Calendars = $15.00

If Express Postage is required,  or for bulk orders over 10, please email for instructions on payment.

**After paying by direct deposit please email your deposit receipt along with your name and postal address to so we can send your calendars to your nominated address.

For direct deposit transfers please use the following bank account details:

  • BOQ: BSB: 124044
  • Account: 21374846
  • A/C Name: Australian Working Dog Rescue 

For overseas transfers the SWIFT DETAILS are as follows:

  • Swift Code : QBANAU4B
  • Bank Address : 259 Queen Street, Brisbane, QLD, 4000
  • Reference : BSB: 124044, A/C Num: 21374846 and A/C Name: Australian Working Dog Rescue Inc.


If you are buying from outside of Australia use this PayPal button to buy one or more calendars. This price is inclusive of postage. Please note only Air Mail is available. If you wish express postage or tracking of registered post please contact us via for instructions on paying additional postage.

International Orders Including Postage & Handling

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Zara was supposed to be getting ready to fly off to her foster home in South Australia but instead she is at the vet battling parvovirus and is a very sick little girl. Her sisters, Zelda and Zeta are in quarantine still in Townsville, waiting for their sister to get well enough to come home but even then it will be a little while before she is safe to fly anywhere. We are asking for your help to cover these very unexpected vet bills that have hit us hard and to pray or think positive thoughts for little Zara. She needs all the help we can give her.

Please share so we can ensure she gets all the treatment she needs to assist in her recovery. Our running tally includes PayPal and GiveEasy donations.

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