2015 AWDRI Calendar

With our cover shot featuring Miss World Australia, Erin Victoria Holland, accompanied by our fantastic ambassador Nimble, and each month starring one or more of our AWDRI rescue dogs, including some of our high profile social media stars such as Shenzi and CC, printed in vibrant colour, along with a bio and a snippet of trivia about where they come from and what they’re up to now, this is one rescued puppy dog calendar that you can’t resist. There’s even a sneak peek at Chris Nayna, one of the finalists in this year’s Cleo Magazine’s Bachelor of the Year.

They make fantastic Christmas gifts and you won’t be able to do without one on your own wall. Every dollar made from the purchase of these calendars goes back into AWDRI to help us continue rescuing the working breeds of Australia and place them into loving and suitable homes.

Our participating photographers include:

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If selected for the calendar you will be required to make an appointment with a professional photographer who works with AWDRI (we have these in each state) within a given time frame for a photo shoot with your dog(s). There is also a submission fee of $150 that assists AWDRI with the funding required to produce the calendar. This fee includes you receiving 5 calendars for your use after they have been produced.

Details regarding professional photographers and payments to be detailed upon selection.


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Kelly is super soft, super affectionate, super smart. Kelly has just arrived into care, she has a sweet personality, she loves people. At the moment she is being taught some basic manners and learning very fast. She loves to run and chase the ball and is learning to bring it back. Kelly would make an awesome agility dog, she is finely built and easy to train. Kelly is getting long great with her foster fur brothers and sisters This girl would make an awesome family member, would be great for agility or obedience as she is very smart and learns quickly. At the moment we are working on house training her, she is also being crate trained and that is all coming along nicely as well. She is just a delightful little girl :) 009 011 018 025


Finnegan is very low energy for a Border collie and just loves to sit and watch whatever you are doing, although he is not lazy and will walk with you wherever you want to go. He is quite a shy dog who (so far in this early stage of his training) looks as if he will be gentle with other animals. He does get a little intimidated by other dogs even though he is happy to play, so a home by with a quiet and gentle dog would be his preference. He is rapidly learning to sit and wait and how to walk on the lead. He is also a good indoor dog as he has a very quiet nature. Finnegan arrived at his foster family with little training or even understanding of coming when called, so he will need a furever home where time can be spent on consistent training.

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Bud:  Red male ACD (deaf), 2 yr old Sydney, NSW *on trial*

Bud: Red male ACD (deaf), 2 yr old Sydney, NSW *on trial*

Bud is an absolutely lovable, affectionate and very full on enthusiastic boy.  He is always switched on and always ready to play fetch with a passion that his carer has never seen in any animal or human. He has an awesome love for life and has the face of an angel!

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