AWDRI Tough Mudder is back! It’s in Melbourne this time, and we’ve got a team together!

The event is on March 23rd, and our team consists of the members listed below.

As a supporter, you can pledge to make a donation to support these people, and to bet against them making the distance in a way. It’s fun, and it helps us save more lives! If the entrant completes the course, you pledge to double your donation. If your initial pledge is $25 or more then you’ll receive a  nice ‘Thank You’ card in the mail later on. If the entrant fails to complete the course and/or fails to at least attempt to take on any of the obstacles in it, if your initial pledge is $25 or more, then you will receive a personalised card, a letter of apology, and  a gift from the entrant. Of course the gift will have an AWDRI theme.

As a preview, the Tough Mudder courses are hardcore 18 to 21 kilometre obstacle courses designed by British special forces. Some of these obstacles include electric shock obstacles. To enter a Tough Mudder event, a death waiver must be signed (which they proudly remind entrants of at the start of the course). To read more about the course, please visit the following URL.

The Team


Kim Sharp

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Kim is a first time Mudder, and like most other first timers is a little apprehensive. Kim says “I don’t like diving boards, or anything to do with jumping off things, so the thought of jumping off that huge tower scares me half to death!”.

Running total: $395 (x2 for successful completion)


Steve Lunardon

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Steve “Lumpy” Lunardon isn’t a runner, he’s a basketballer, standing around 6’9″ tall. He did run a half marathon once however, but Tough Mudder is different to that of course. On being convinced to join in with the rest of the team Steve said: “Not sure how sane I really am to agree to this?”.

Running total: $240 (x2 for successful completion)


Chris Fabris

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Chris jumped in to help out, as AWDRI volunteers are known to do, and then found out that the course is actually around 20 kms long. “I don’t know how my knees are going to cope with this.” she stated. “I usually suffer enough after running 5 kms, so I really don’t know how I’m going to finish.”.

Running total: $615 (x2 for successful completion)


Carey Edwards

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Carey is back after having completed the Sydney Spring event in 2013. Carey stated: “Really, the Arctic enema obstacle nearly froze me to death last time, and it was 36 degrees in Sydney on the day. I seriously do not want to have to face that thing if it’s cold in Melbourne. I hate the cold with a passion.”.

Running total: $720 (x2 for successful completion)


Caz Cousins

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Caz completed one of the first Tough Mudders held in Australia a while back, and had to be nagged to join in here. Caz said: “My hips are wrecked with arthritis, so someone may have to carry me to the finish line if it starts hurting too much.”.

Running total: $460 (x2 for successful completion)

Please note that by making a donation you are pledging to double the amount if the entrant completes the course. Completion to be verified according to the Tough Mudder event rules, and includes at least attempting every obstacle..

Please be sure to include your mailing address when completing your donation and pledge if using the option of $25.00 or more.

If you would like to sponsor our entrants in other ways, such as providing apparel, branded or otherwise, please email us at

All donations and pledges go directly to rescuing animals.

AWDRI thanks you for helping us assist those animals in need!


Izzy is gentle loving girl who is quiet at first, but has cuddly heart of gold once familiar & settled in.

She picks up on social-cues from older dogs and is more submissive than her sister, Frankie.

Izzy loves playing in water and running around, jumping and playing with the two 3-4yo resident working dogs.

She also enjoys getting lots of gentle pats & cuddles, once sshe gets to know you.

Izzy also gets along well with the resident cat and would be fine to find a home with cats.

Izzy would most suit a home with another playful dog, preferably male or with a quiet, loving family/human where she is not left alone for extended periods of time.

Izzy001 Izzy & Cat

- Sasha has a gentle, calm and loving nature and she’s very easy to get along with.
- She loves to RUN & she also adores the beach and swimming
- The right person for Sasha will find her quirky nature endearing and accept her as part of their family.
- Sasha is highly social and would likely prefer to share her new home with another dog, or several.- She has been socialized well with dogs and cats
- Sasha has a strong need to be involved in family life, so she must be allowed inside and to be out and about with ‘her people’.
254487_f03eb_900x900 254487_9526a_900x900
To apply for Sasha, please complete our Adoption Questionnaire here-

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