Adopting a dog from Australian Working Dog Rescue is a process. We are not an organisation where people can simply ‘buy a pet dog’ as some do from pet stores and others who sell dogs. Many of our dogs are those which were sold to others with them not understanding the requirements of a working breed dog. Working breed dogs whether bred for work on the land or play in suburbia require lots of mental stimulation. If they do not get this mental stimulation then they most often become bored, destructive and tend to escape and go wandering.  AWDRI adopts dogs to applicants on the basis that they submit an application form, undergo a simplistic house check and meeting with a volunteer, and then have a meet and greet with a dog they may wish to adopt. If the potential adopter meets all the basic requirements they can then generally take the dog home for a trial adoption period which lasts for up to two weeks after signing an adoption contract. On completion of the trial period, and the adopters wishing to complete the adoption, they then notify AWDRI of their decision and all paperwork is finalised. If adopting a puppy then all paperwork is completed after the dog is de-sexed, the conditions of which are stated in the adoption contract.

Each mature dog is available for a fee of $350 which ensures you receive a dog that is desexed, microchipped, C5 (minimum) vaccinated and commenced on a monthly regime of heartworm and intestinal worming preventative. Puppies are $395. This covers microchipping, first vaccination and desexing at an AWDRI approved vet. Other puppy vaccinations required after adoption are at the adopter’s expense.  Senior dogs of 8 years and older are generally adopted out and a donation requested that the adopting person(s) can afford, or are willing to give if they so wish.

Dogs and puppies can be adopted from all across our country, and even internationally. Transport to virtually any location is available. We are happy to facilitate interstate or assist with international adoptions wherever possible. Please note that the cost of transport is borne by the adopter. Upon application to adopt we will provide quotes from various pet transport companies for comparison.

If you would like to submit an application form to adopt a dog from AWDRI then please see our ADOPTION page.

Please note that AWDRI does not adopt dogs straight from a pound or shelter to an applicant. All dogs taken from pounds must undergo our veterinary procedures as well as be assessed in regard to their personality before becoming available to adopt.



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