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Well hello, I am MelonBall and very pleased to meet you. I am an eight week old Border Collie Mix puppy.

At the moment I am all about play, cuddles and more play! But I’m a clever boy, and I’m eagerly awaiting my very own home where I can grow up with lots of love and guidance to shape me into the beautiful family member I’d so love to be.

Any kind of family will suit me just fine, as long as they include me in their lives and spend time loving, training and socializing me, so I continue to grow up to be a well adjusted dog.

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Hello, my name is Nina. I am the mother of 7 beautiful puppies who they call the Cocktail Litter.
Australian Working Dog Rescue did not know I was pregnant when they put a save on me. But as soon as they found out, they found me a carer at whose home I delivered my babies. Now my babies are all going to good homes, foster ma said I deserve a great home too.
I have already learnt to sit, drop, and wait. I am toilet and crate trained as well. Everyone says I am a pretty girl, don’t you agree? My favourite thing on earth is PEOPLE. Every morning foster ma takes me out on a walk, all I do is walk up to everyone I see wagging my tail, sit and wait to be patted. Being with people makes me very happy.
When we go to the dog park, my foster brothers fetch the ball and I chase them. They run really fast, and I try my best to keep up. Other dogs usually don’t bother me, but there’s nothing I love more than human attention.
I can walk on leash very well, and come back when I’m called. I don’t wander too far at the dog park, as I always make sure my foster ma and brothers are close.
At night, I love to snuggle up to foster dad and watch TV with my foster family. I mean literally watch TV……
Will you be my forever family who would protect me and spoil me?

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Hi! My name is Dallas and I’m a beautiful kelpie lady.

At only 4 Months old I am so very clever that I’ve already learnt how to Sit! I am keen to learn all the basics, and am trying very hard in my foster home – but there’s nothing I’d love more than my very own Family.
I get on really well with all kinds of friends (other dogs, sheep and even the cat), and as I am still only a puppy I love having somebody to guide me in the right direction.
I have such a big heart and limitless love to give, so are you the one for me?


Hi there!

My name is Neville and I have just come into care with AWDRI.  For more information, please use the form below to contact my foster carer:

To meet, adopt or find out more details about Neville, please read our page on the adoption process and then fill out our adoption questionnaire. Please note that completing the application form does not place you under any obligation to adopt


A sad portion of Conan’s short life had been spent alone in the pound, but he show’s his admirable resilience and zest for life every day. This beautiful, 10 Month Old Kelpie Cross eagerly awaits a family of his very own, with limitless love to give in return of a second chance, Co will go above and beyond to warm your heart and brighten your life. Since his freedom Co has been so thrilled to greet every day with his boundless enthusiasm and his commendable intelligence and willingness to learn is obvious in his training. Sit, drop, stay and come are child’s play in the eyes of this keen fellow, and he is the perfect candidate for somebody looking to train a dog to higher levels of obedience or even agility – with his impressive jumping ability and activity. He loves the mental stimulation of training (and is easy to teach new things), but will be just as happy in an active household who would simply enjoy a bouncy new family member to invite into their lives.

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Buster New

Hi I’m Buster,

I am a male Kelpie cross and I’m only a year and a half old (January 2015).

When I came into foster care I was extremely underweight, but I didn’t let my past get to me! I am a very happy, energetic young man, who loves EVERYONE!!! I especially like kids and I am very gentle with them! I get on great with other dogs, both big and small. But I might be guilty of trying just a little too hard to be everybodies friend…

I am still learning my manners and will benefit from someone willing to do more training, but I love my treats so this won’t be hard! I have learnt sit, I walk well on the lead and am house trained. I bet I’d fit in just right to your home!

To meet, adopt or find out more details about Buster, please read our page on the adoption process and then fill out our adoption questionnaire. Please note that completing the application form does not place you under any obligation to adopt


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