Mason is sweet and loving and funny! He loves playing games and with his toys and he’s very loveable and cuddly.

To make Mason a part of your family please complete our adoption questionnaire:



Billy is a little puppy but makes up for it with added cuteness and personality plus !

He’s adorable and loves to be in your lap or hanging out with his humans. A beautiful natured little boy.

To make Billy a part of your family please complete our adoption questionnaire:


Arnie is a lovely boy and likes to wrestle and play with his litter mates playing tug -o-war.  He also loves attention and cuddles.

To make Arnie a part of your family please complete our adoption questionnaire:


Butch is a big puppy, He is playful and full of fun. He loves cuddles and playing with tennis balls already!

He is a gorgeous boy !

To make Butch a part of your family please complete our adoption questionnaire:


Dixie is a sweet affectionate cuddly and quiet little girl. She will make a beautiful family addition – she doesn’t appear to be high energy !

Her mum is a beautiful natured ACD and dad is a Staffy.

To make Dixie a part of your family please complete our adoption questionnaire:


Ned the gentle giant is a largish blue cattle dog around 3 years old with a beautiful smile.  A very friendly dog, he loves hanging out with his human and adores pats and a lot of loving!

Although we think he’s almost completely deaf, he’s a very fast learner and you can usually catch his attention with a high pitched noise.  Ned can sit and wait for his dinner, he knows jumping isn’t allowed and is very quickly picking up the rest of his basic training.  Due to his partial deafness, he’s being trained mostly with hand signals, to which he responds well.  He is very eager to learn but, like most dogs, he needs short, sharp training sessions to keep his focus and attention and he’d love a new family to train him further.

Ned loves other dogs and is very playful.  He is best suited to a household with another dog, or two, for company and someone at home to follow around for pats and companionship!  His carers report that he appears to be fine with small kids and also loves their attention and pats.

Like most working dogs, he needs a good fenced yard to keep him safe and away from cars.  He most likely isn’t suited to a property with livestock and chickens.

Ned is a beautiful boy, very laid back and not bothered by very much.  His deafness aside, he is a low maintenance dog with a big heart of gold and  his carers believe that anyone willing to give Ned a home filled with love, pats and playtime would in turn be very lucky themselves.  He is a gentle soul and would make any household feel complete.

To meet, adopt or find out more details about Ned please read our page on the adoption process and then fill out our adoption questionnaire. Please note that completing the application form does not place you under any obligation to adopt Continue reading

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