Boots is very playful and energetic. He would be the perfect companion for a loving family with an existing dog. He enjoys his toys & loves to run around with our other dog. He is new to the whole human parents thing but he is coming out of his shell more and more each day, with patience, he is very eager to trust & learn.
Boots is happiest when he is playing with our other dog & following us around. He has the sweetest nature, and never shows any agression (even when another dog has growled at him, he is fine).
He is a happy little puppy with a lot of love to give!!

To meet, adopt or find out more details about Boots please read our page on the adoption process and then fill out our adoption questionnaire. Please note that completing the application form does not place you under any obligation to adopt

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Bolt is a friendly cuddly puppy, he loves to play and chase balls and toys. Bolt is friendly with other dogs and loves to play wrestle. He has no food possession issues and is happy to share his food with his foster dog brother, he also has no problem with our kids giving him snacks or playing with him while he is eating. He is exposed to children aged 10 months, 3years and 5 years and loves playing with them. Bolt is coming along well with his toilet training and has had very few accidents in the last few days, he won’t go to the toilet on concrete or tiles so he really does prefer to go outside for his toileting. Bolt loves being with his human and is already a very loyal puppy, he is just gorgeous! Bolt1


Hi I’m Benji and I am looking for my very own family. I am just a pup and I am really ready to learn about everything that I can. For now I am learning to sit stay and walk on a lead, but I could do just about anything if you teach me how. I am happy to play with children (supervised of course) and I like to talk to the chickens who live in a pen at my foster home. Please think about meeting me as I don’t want to wait for too long before finding my new family. Benji1



Axle is a happy, alert and full of life little pup. He enjoys playing wrestling and can’t resist the urge to chase other dogs no matter how tired he is. He is very intelligent, his toilet training and basic commands are coming along well. He will stay in the front yard without running away and if his name is called excitedly he will happily recall well. At the end of the day he likes to watch TV, have cuddles and get tucked into bed. He doesn’t snatch food, he is extremely gentle when taking treats from your hand. He loves prancing around with his toys and gathering things from around the house and backyard and hiding them in his bed. As he has only just come into our care and still having his vaccinations we haven’t had much opportunity to introduce him to other surroundings, children and animals though he is a very sociable so I don’t expect his to be a problem. Axle1




Demi with lei


Beautiful Demi was rescued at the height of the latest Nth Queensland cyclone and safely delivered 7 gorgeous puppies. Now she is ready to find her own home where she can be loved and pampered. Demi is a very sweet girl who just wants to please! Demi is very social and loves to play with other dogs, she’s always submissive in games but not timid. She has plenty of energy for long walks, but is often happy to snuggle for a long snooze on her mat. She is house trained and will sleep through the night indoors with no problems. Doesn’t chew or destroy things. She’s good with kids and very friendly with all ppl she has met. Waits politely for her food. She knows basic commands and is improving with walking on the lead. She is a quick learner and would do well with someone who was able to provide good leadership as she likes to follow directions.



If you are reading this then you had better be fast and apply for this little guy as he won’t stay available for long! Dippa is a great little kelpie who is young, smart and just waiting for some one to love. He is friendly, happy and good with kids, other dogs and walks well on the lead. Dippa is very responsive and will pick up new skills quickly. As with all of our dogs, Dippa is attending training classes to get him started along the way to his new life.

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