What a great mate Steve would be. Steve is slowly getting used to be inside but to be honest, he loves the outdoors way more and is happy to hang out on the verandah. He is a busy guy who loves to round up and herd his foster friends around the yard. Steve is quite at home riding in the back of the ute as well, provided that he is safely secured of course. We have learned that Steve is partially deaf to low pitch noises but responds well to happy voices and higher toned sounds. He is just an all round good dog who would be happy to sit beside you and have a scratch under the chin while contemplating the world. Steve3


Sammy is a very handsome and affectionate boy who just loves life. He’s always happy and full of energy. He adapts well to new situations and is doing really well with his ongoing training. Sammy is great with kids, cats and horses but probably not suited to living with chickens as he like to play tag with them just a little tooSammy3


sammyoz2 much!

Sweet, affectionate senior seeking warm lounge and retirement living. Cotton dotes on attention and absolutely loves her dog bed. Our sweet senior girl is looking for an older couple, or person for a low-energy devoted best friend. Cotton asked for a companion that doesn’t work long hours, just so they can devote lots of quality time to her. She loves to sleep, and wants one of those magic food bowls that never empties. Her hauntingly beautiful hazel eyes will melt the grumpiest of hearts, and she will eagerly greet you home with showers of kisses. If you think you have the perfect home for Cotton, we’d love to hear from you. SAMSUNG CSC


Well, am I yours?

Carra thrives on love and attention and will quietly wriggle onto the lounge for a snuggle. She enjoys being apart of the family, and will follow her little human everywhere. Young or old, 1 human or 2, Carra will fit into any family.

She has the most beautiful eyes, which never stop following you. Carra sure knows how to use them too, especially with a slight head tilt. Nobody can resist a pat, and a sneaky treat.

Carra’s timid nature doesn’t stop her from making new friends, and enjoys her daily trips with our doggy playgroup to the park. She won’t chase the ball, but prefers chasing the dog after the ball. With a little bit of cheek, Carra can entice even the smallest dog to play.

Carra thinks your home will be perfect for her and would love to hear from you. Why not drop her a line now?Carra1



“This beautiful boy has so much Love to give! George is very friendly & loves attention. He is a super fast runner & even dad can’t keep up with him! Mum prefers to walk him on the lead, which he is getting really good at. George loves his cuddles inside on the lounge but also really likes getting outside & meeting new friends too. He is great with toilet training & has learnt so many commands. George is one very smart pup who aims to please.”George1









Marge5Marge is a friendly older dog with a gentle, calm temperament. She seems quite confident now. She is very affectionate(loves tummy rubs) and enjoys human contact. For her age she is in good condition and is quite active. She enjoys a 2-3 kilometre walk in the morning and a shorter walk in the afternoon. Loves playing with our 5yo male Red Cattle Dog. Not particularly interested in toys – but likes to chase our dog when he is playing with a ball or frisbee. Marge is very friendly to other people we meet in public – the same with dogs. I haven’t noticed a preference for male or female. She is obedient and follows basic commands such as sit, come, stay and heel. She is food motivated. She has a healthy appetite, is well mannered at feeding times and isn’t fussy. When we go out she is happy to stay in her kennel – I think she appreciates the company of our dog and it seems to give her comfort. She walks well on lead. During the day in-between walks she is very happy to sleep on her bed inside if we are home. She hasn’t shown any tendency to stray, even when the front gates are open momentarily – she seems quite attached to her home surroundings. She is also happy to let people inside the gate without barking or growling at them. She doesn’t bark very often at all. I have only observed barking once or twice when we arrived at the off-leash dog beach and she was excited about her walk. Overall a wonderful dog that would make a perfect companion or family dog.

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