Meet exquisite Ebony! She’s sweet, loving, has impeccable manners and is ready for her forever home. Ebony was an owner-surrender from a regional area and has settled in perfectly to suburban dog life. She’s been quick to learn house rules such as not jumping on furniture. As you would expect with a lovely young lady, Ebony is fully toilet trained. Ebony is crate trained and will sleep through the night without a peep. She loves to play with her foster siblings and has been friendly to every dog she’s met. She’s well behaved on the leash and a pleasure to walk. She currently enjoys two short walks a day. Ebony is perfecting her basic commands at regular obedience training. Ebony’s recall is good, but the truth is that you really don’t need to call her often as she’s happiest close to you. She rarely barks, isn’t overly interested in the neighbour’s dogs and loves spending time with children. Ebony is in excellent health; she keeps her figure trim, her hair shiny and her teeth sparkling white. Ebony’s only weakness is her humble nature which makes her rather camera shy, but rest assured, she’s a stunner!
Ebony is one of those rescue dogs that you can just tell is grateful for her opportunity at a new life, and will reward her lucky new family with boundless love and loyal companionship.



Hello my name is Polar, I am a cuddly bear looking for my forever home. I am loyal and intelligent and very well mannered. I get along well with other dogs but I really just want to be by your side. I am a big boy with a heart of gold. I am gentle and loving and want nothing more than a family or companion to call my own. I love going on walks or trips in the car. As long as I can be with you I will be happy.
My foster mum and dad tell me I am beautiful and what a good boy I am. I sit when asked and will shake your hand and when I am really excited I will try and speak to you. I enjoy having a play and a run but am not a silly pup anymore though if you leave me alone for even a short time, I will be so excited to see you that you will forget I am not a pup anymore! Polar1





Lucy is a very calm and lovable dog who really likes to be around people. She particularly seems to like men who give her attention. She has learnt some basic commands very quickly and can sit and recall very well. She loves her food and is very food motivated, learning to sit for her dinner just by observing what the other dogs did. She loves swimming and will take herself for a swim in the dam every day if possible.
She has more of a Labrador personality than a Kelpie personality, she is not interested in chasing cattle or rounding them up and is happy living with the resident cat. She is quite large, more like a labrador size and weight.Lucy(Fruity)2

Lucy (Fruity)1

Are you looking for a sweet, gentle, pretty and very loving new family member? I am told that I am all of those things and more. My name is Carra and my foster mother thinks that I am just about perfect. I happily live with my foster family’s other dogs,cats,birds and even the horses don’t bother me. I have learnt to sit and stay already and I love my lessons. City life or country life, I don’t mind which. Would you like to meet me and maybe be my new very own forever family?







Are you looking for an amazing new friend? The look no further. Corbin is young,fit,energetic and is just waiting for someone to come along and teach him the ways of the world. Corbin would be a fantastic candidate for agility, running mate or even to try out sheep herding lessons.
He would also love to just hang out with his family and go on adventures with them. At the moment, Corbin is learning the basics of doggy manners such as sitting, walking on a lead and respecting others. Corbin is an all round wonderful young dog.

Hi I’m Ollie’s foster carer and I take him regularly to the local dog park where he plays and interacts with the other dogs in a very friendly manner. We have also been attending regular dog training sessions and he has been extremely well behaved. Ollie leads very well and understands how to come, sit, drop, stay, wait (e.g. for his food) and is currently being introduced to new commands such as heel, turn and roll-over. Ollie always comes with me exercising on bush walking tracks and for runs and he just loves being with someone as he is very loyal. Ollie is a fantastic dog and would suit a single person, couple or family looking for a loyal companion and a fun friend.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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