Sable is a stunning jet black puppy with a tiny few strands of white on her chest. She is always happy to see her human foster parents, running to say hello with a big smile on her face. She is both excitable and endearing, loving to play and run and then cuddle. Sable is a total darling and can’t wait to meet her new forever pack!! Sable1



Lana is just lovely! She loves playing with humans including our 2yr old dog. She has fun with her squeaky toys and also really enjoys a little cuddle and pat. She walks well on a lead and sits on command. She is getting better at coming when her name is called. She has also been introduced to water and swimming. She is such a sweet little puppy with a beautiful personality. Lana2


Beautiful, sweet little Penelope is just waiting to snuggle into her new family’s arms and never leave. Penelope is happy, healthy puppy who is busy playing and learning with her brothers and sisters. Don’t wait too long! Penelope1


Trax is a handsome black and white (male) puppy. Although we have only had him for two weeks, we can already see his little personality developing. Trax is a courageous and happy puppy. He loves to play with his siblings and is speedy around the yard!
Trax is so named because he has a series of black spots (or tracks) on his white nose :-) Trax1



-Paxton is a dapper black (male) puppy. Paxton is almost entirely black aside from a few tiny strands of white on his chest and a tip of white on his rear feet!
Although we have only had him for two weeks, we can already see his little personality developing.

Paxton is a loving and daring puppy who is always interested in things around him. He is playful and endearing, enjoying both doggy and human cuddles.






Too young for motherhood, Betty is a wonderful 15 month old girl, who has just seen her litter of 8 reach adoption age. Now its time for Betty herself to make up for lost time and get the love she deserves!! Betty is a truly loving dog wanting nothing more to be part of a human family pack. She is calm and devoted and would be a wonderful addition to any family. If you think you can give Betty the love and attention that she needs and so deserves, please submit an application. Betty1





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