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G’day, my name’s Boots.

I’m a happy, confident and outgoing dog who loves hanging out with his mates, but isn’t afraid to show his warm and affectionate side when the guys aren’t around. I like moonlight walks and snuggling on the couch, um er, if that’s allowed.

I’m living with a couple of sheilas at the moment and they’re a bit bossy, but pretty cool. I love to run around the backyard chasing them or having a good wrestle.
I especially enjoyed hanging out with a puppy that was here recently because she could keep up with me and play all day!

I love spending time with my humans and would be a great exercise buddy – I’m happy to walk, run or cycle with you to help you shed some extra kilos. Like most blokes, I’m a bit of a larrikin and I like to pull on the lead sometimes when I’m excited, but I’m easily trainable (just bring food). I’m great with other dogs, so I wouldn’t mind checking out the dog park or just hanging out with you and your mates. I’ve also checked out those dog agility courses and reckon they’d be heaps of fun as I’m quite an athletic bloke.

At the moment I’m mostly an outside dog and sleep in a fenced off area on my comfy bed and blankets. I’m pretty sure I’d love being inside more if I was allowed as I’ve never disgraced myself and I like to keep my kennel tidy. I haven’t even chewed the nice big pillow they gave me to sleep on.

I’ve met some kiddies and I really liked them so we’d be cool and would become best mates in no time. I’m still learning not to jump up on the little ones so I’d probably be better with older children.

I was introduced to a cat the other day and I wasn’t fussed at all by it. I’ve also met a chook and found it quite boring until it started running. That certainly made me take a second look although I didn’t want to hurt it.

I’d be quite happy as a bachelor if you were home most of the time, but I would also really enjoy the company of another dog who can keep me occupied and will play with me if you’re not home. I really love riding in the car so I’d be an excellent tradie or truckie’s companion too.

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Hi, my name is Tyson and I’m a 4 year old Australian Catte Dog. I had a rough start to life and turned up at the local pound with wounds, infections and broken bones, but the nice humans there fixed me all up. It was a big job and took about 3 months and multiple surgeries. I’m so glad they didn’t give up on me! Once I was feeling better I got to go home with my foster mum and live with her lovely family to start a new chapter in my life.

Since being in foster care I have learned to walk nicely on a Halti without pulling at all. I am also crate trained and can do all the standard tricks like . I am happy to be an outside dog, but I know my manners and behave well inside the home too.

My foster mum says I would be best suited to a family or owner with Cattle Dog experience and with either no other dogs or very submissive ones and preferably without very young children (as I can sometimes jump up when I’m excited). Also because I have a high prey-drive I require a home where I do not have access to chickens or cats.

I really like it here but I know I can’t stay forever, so I’m looking for a home where I can continue to learn and grow in an environment with structure and boundaries and, of course, lots of love.

Why not send me an email today? I’d love to meet you!

To meet, adopt or find out more details please fill out our application form. Please note that completing the application form does not place you under any obligation to adopt.

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