When we picked Jarvis up from the pound he was very hesitant around us. In no time at all he has shown his real personality. Jarvis is very cheeky!! He LOVES his food and LOVES attention from people. He gets along brilliantly with other dogs and children of all ages.He doesn’t even care about chickens!
He will do anything for a pat and chasing a tennis ball is beneath him…he would much rather chase a golf ball! He is an absolute delight, very friendly and still very much a puppy (all legs!!)
In his time with us Jarvis has learnt a number of things. He is 100% toilet trained, to the point he will alert you if he needs to go outside (if he is inside), he can sit on command and he walks very well on a lead. He is now learning to sit and wait for his food until a command is given for him to eat. Jaravis5





Hi! My name’s Erryn. Don’t be deceived by my good looks, I’m also super smart as well. I’m also really gentle, love humans (especially the little short ones), cats, and FOOD. My foster mum says that because I’m eager to please and love food, I’ll be really easy to train. I love company – especially cuddles on the couch, and I’m the kind of dog that would be equally happy on a farm or in the burbs. If you have another puppy, I’d love to meet them.

Oh, and did I mention I love food?

But enough about me – could you be my furever home?

XOX Erryn







Diesel pic


Diesel is one very lovely 6 year old chap! Since being in foster care our Diesel has come along leaps and bounds. He’s the best fur-friend anyone could ask for, his most favourite thing to do is to greet you at the front gate with visible excitement, letting off small woofs and howls demonstrating how very happy he is that you’re home!! Diesel would spend every living minute with you if he could, he follows his foster mum around the house or garden never letting her out of his sight and lays by her feet where ever she’s chosen to stop. Although Diesel is a large boy this sure doesn’t stop him playing ball at every chance he gets and WOW does he have it down pat. Diesel has been on a pretty strict diet and exercise regime also which he has helped him lose a fair bit of weight already. He has been thriving on the extra fitness and ball time though if he could talk, I’m pretty sure he would say the best part of his day is when he gets snuggle time and a wee doggy massage from his foster mum.

Nina8Nina7Isn’t she beautiful! Nina female collie x about 1 year old. Desexed, microchipped, vaccinated (c5). So affectionate and just full of beans. No problem with other dogs and horses. She is good with kids and other dogs. Currently with a cattle dog and 2 kids aged 3 and 5 years . She loves going out to the local horse riding school with her foster mum. As with all young active dogs, Nina will need lots of fun things to do and would make a great agility prospect or obedience candidate. Nina may even have a talent for helping with stock in a rural setting. Nina pic





Izzy is a beautiful special girl who came into care with a seriously injured leg. Despite best efforts, it was decided that she would be better off without her leg and it was amputated. Since then she has not looked back. Izzy is playful, happy and just wants to be loved and cuddled. She does like to race around and have a game with other dogs but as she cannot run away from danger she will need to only be with other friendly happy dogs. Izzy is great on a lead and is good with children. Please don’t overlook this lovely girl simply because she is not “perfect”. – See more at:





seems almost completely deaf but this doesn’t get in her way, as she is intelligent and responsive to training (especially if there are treats involved). From having no training in the first 9 months of life, she has learned the meaning of 5-6 hand signal commands as well as to sit and wait for her dinner in just over a week with her foster carers. She has also quickly learnt the routine of her foster home, and if given enough exercise and stimulation during the day, settles on her bed or just outside the kitchen in quiet mode for the evening, keeping an eye on dinner preparations.

Tes has not had much guidance or boundaries put in place during her first 9 months of life and it seems that she has been left to amuse herself in a yard for long periods of time in the past. She will benefit from calm, assertive guidance and a patient owner willing to socialize her, involve her in their daily activities, and most importantly put the time in to bring out her best.

Her on-lead walking is progressing well, but she does take a bit too much interest in cars at present. She has however already improved a great deal in this regard. She is an active adolescent dog with energy to burn and it seems as if she will make a great running companion with a bit more work learning to run at heel and to ignore cars and fellow walkers. She really enjoys beach walks / runs on a long line where she can run off some puppy steam whilst still able to be recalled (as she is deaf). She is starting to show interest in toys and food puzzles, which is fantastic and a way to provide her with mental stimulation, as a week ago she showed no interest / did not know what they were.

She is perfect when travelling by car, happily going on outings, sitting calmly (or sleeping) during the drive.
She has not shown any food or resource guarding behaviours at her foster home. Tes sleeps on her bed at night, currently located on the floor of the bedroom. She has started crate training. She is toilet trained and knows how to use a doggie door. She will need good fencing to keep her safe and away from cars.

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