Bindi is an energetic, loving, friendly young girl. She is very inquisitive and enjoys learning, at the moment Bindi is leaning basic training and is catching on quickly!
Bindi enjoys spending time outside playing and chasing her foster brother “Buddy” and also cuddling up at family time in the evenings.




Nicky is a fun loving and happy dog. She loves playing with other dogs and with toys. She is learning how to sit and shake her paw and to sit and stay when you put food down until given the okay to eat. Nicky is doing well with her lead training and is just the most beautiful young dog. She is just waiting for a family, a sofa and a TV and she will be happy forever.Nicky1



Pepper has a beautiful nature. She is very gentle and quiet and would make a great companion to anyone or any family. She loves being near you and can be as quiet as a mouse. She does not jump on people or bark excessively. She is great with children as she has a good and calm temperament. Pepper gets on well with other dogs.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


BB is a very special little guy who will be your best friend in the whole wide world! He’s a happy, cuddly, bouncy little dude who loves nothing more than hanging out with his humans, chewing up sticks, chasing balls , body rubs and sitting on your foot, looking at you through adoring liquid brown eyes. No matter what you do or where you go, BB will want to be with you, and when you come home from a dreary, boring day at work, BB is there, wagging his little tail and looking at you with such love and adoration that all your woes will be forgotten and your soul uplifted. Hardly ever does he utter any barking noises, only a little whine when you aren’t paying attention to him. Of course, for all this explemplary care of you, BB does need a couple of things in return, such as food, water, to be let in the house to cuddle you on the couch, time spent playing and exercising with him, a good brush every now and then and the ability to give lots of pats and lots and lots of love. BB5


Hi there, my name is Matilda and I am looking for my very own home. I am living on a farm at the moment with my mum and brothers and sisters, goats, cows, horses and some other doggie friends, but I am happy to live in the big city as well. My foster parents tell me that cafes and beach trips are great fun. Please think about me if you are looking for a new family member. Matilda 1

Matilda 2


Who’s ready for some fun!! I love to play and run, so much that sometimes I forget how to sit still but I am having lessons everyday and am getting much better. My foster family have chickens and a cat and I really don’t mind, they are fun to watch. People tell me that I am a good looker, what ever that means. I just grin and wag my tail even faster. I think that I would like a home with lots of things to do and people to hang around with. I want to keep up with my lessons as well so that I can be the best dog in town. Oh, in case you didn’t notice, I have the most magnificent Bandit11eyes! Bandit3


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