Bindi is an energetic, loving, friendly young girl. She is very inquisitive and enjoys learning, at the moment Bindi is leaning basic training and is catching on quickly!
Bindi enjoys spending time outside playing and chasing her foster brother “Buddy” and also cuddling up at family time in the evenings.




Nicky is a fun loving and happy dog. She loves playing with other dogs and with toys. She is learning how to sit and shake her paw and to sit and stay when you put food down until given the okay to eat. Nicky is doing well with her lead training and is just the most beautiful young dog. She is just waiting for a family, a sofa and a TV and she will be happy forever.Nicky1



Love forever True is what you will get with this little bundle of joy.

True is approximately 11 weeks of age and is a short haired Border Collie. He is a happy go lucky

little boy and enjoys playing with other dogs but also can happily entertain himself.

True loves pleasing you so training is easy. True knows to sit and wait for the command to eat his

dinner which is very good for such a little boy. He also knows other basic commands and just loves


True currently lives with two other dominate dogs and his best mate, a 6 month old kitten who he

spends hours playing with every day. So if he sounds like your Dream Come True, apply for this little man now.







Pepper has a beautiful nature. She is very gentle and quiet and would make a great companion to anyone or any family. She loves being near you and can be as quiet as a mouse. She does not jump on people or bark excessively. She is great with children as she has a good and calm temperament. Pepper gets on well with other dogs.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Sometimes a dog’s life doesn’t start out as good as it should, but that doesn’t mean that a happy ending can’t be had.
Little Beth was born with a deformed front leg and she was unwanted so ended up in a pound. Luckily we don’t think that every dog needs to perfect and we know that Beth will find a family who will love her just the way she is.
Beth has a wonderful, playful nature and loves to bound around in her own special way. She can negotiate stairs without a hassle and can jump around and play just like any other dog. Beth loves belly rubs and chasing balls around the yard but does tire easily due to her missing leg. She is a very happy dog who loves to be near you when you are outside gardening or hanging the washing out. Beth is great with other dogs, doesn’t bother at all about the resident cat and is happy to watch the visiting birds hop about the yard. This little dog will make the most wonderful friend for someone.Beth10



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