Hello my name is Tom! I’m looking for a new best friend and was wondering if you could help?  I’m 9 years old but I feel a lot younger! I love to go for walks, play fetch with my squeaky ball and chase my foster sister around in circles until I get tired and take a nanna nap.  I have A LOT of love to give and would love to spend my days with you close by. I’d love to curl up with you and snuggle under your arm. Continue reading


Joey is a real sweet heart. He is a happy puppy who just wants to play and have cuddles.
He is very friendly to other dogs and all people. He enjoys playing with all sorts of toys, with humans and other dogs.
He loves keeping company with his foster sister, especially during their water play in the clam shell.
Joey just doesn’t have those ‘Kool’ looks, he is also a very easy going puppy who would fit right in with any family. Is that you?? Continue reading


Phoebe is very affectionate and sweet natured!  She likes all her humans big and small and LOVES cuddles! She will curl right up in your lap at night and fall asleep.
Phoebe LOVES water and spends a lot of her days in her shell pool splashing. She is friendly to other dogs and really enjoys playing with her toys or chase with her foster siblings.
Would you like Phoebe to join your family and give her the forever home she deserves? Continue reading


This is Ross a gorgeous fellow that is happy to follow you around all day. Since he has been in foster care he’s learnt to sit for food and makes his way out to the garden to do his business without a fuss.  He sleeps all night through snuggling with his human foster sister. He is currently living with four older dogs and has adapted well.
Ross helps out with feeding the chickens and ducks. Being so young its a perfect age to introduce him to live stock. He is also fine with cats too. Continue reading


Hi, I’m Rachel (part of the AWDRI ‘friends crew’)   Yep I’m the little one but I’m the most awesomest!  Mum reckons I’m probably the smartest too!
After a few days, I already know what that ‘sit’ thing means and doh, “go toilet” got that down pat! lol I even synchronise wees with my foster siblings on command! easy peasy! Do I have the smarts or what!!!  My foster Mum has taught me so much in a few days and reckons I am the best. I now know how to share food and toys. Mum says that ‘runt’ thing has learnt real quick, whatever that means. Continue reading

Faith 1

To receive a Miracle you have got to have Faith!
The short period Faith has been apart of our family, she never ceases to amaze us by her beautiful nature and loving heart. She plays energetically with my 7yr old daughter like a sibling and comforts my 2yr old son when he is crying by sitting beside him quietly licking his hand. Faith enjoys hugs and is very attentive. She will follow you faithfully all day long and is subtle in seeking your attention. Continue reading

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