Hi my name is BJ and I am the biggest pup in my litter so I am not going to be tiny like my brothers but my foster mum says I am the gentle giant of my litter. I am very quiet and am happy to entertain myself. I love sleeping in my crate at night but my mum leaves the door open for me. She says I am a really friendly little man and have been socialized with lots of other puppies and dogs but I can be a little shy. My brothers are going soon so I would really like to find my very own forever home too.


Taska is a confident girl who just loves being around people and other dogs. She is learning good dog manners such as sit, stay and waiting for her food. She gets a little excited when meeting people so maybe suited to older children or confident little one, but calms very quickly. She just adores kids and doesn’t try and take food just enjoys their company. Loves playing fetch and long walks. She is extremely loyal so with on going training she will make a very obedient dog. She will need plenty of exercise and be involved in family activities to make a wonderful family member. She sleeps inside at night with her furry foster siblings and sleeps all night without a fuss. Taska4



Hello lovely people, I am a 5-month-old Kelpie girl (foster mum says probably kelpie X, but foster dad says I am probably ‘heritage kelpie’- I don’t know what the difference is- but I’m told I’m pretty regardless) recently rescued from the pound. My foster parents tell me my name is Sapphire and I am better than a diamond because I shine so bright that no one can resist my charm!

I am a black Kelpie with super bright ears that stand to attention when I am alert, and when I am interested-so they are pretty much always standing up. I am actually really calm and well trained. In fact I am crate trained. I love my home. Its all snuggly and warm, and I share it with my teddy and nice blankeys. I never ever fuss. I love my crate and I love the back yard. The back yard is fun. I play in the back yard with my two foster brothers….we have SO much fun. I am inquisitive because I want to learn about everything, and foster mummy and daddy say I learn fast. I can sit and stay and Im currently learning ‘paw’. I am only 5 months old you know and I was only just saved from the pound- so Im told I am learning fast ? I can also walk on the lead. I like the lead and walks.

My foster mummy and daddy say I am lovely and they don’t want me to leave-but the mean council wont let me stay. So foster mum and dad tell me that my forever family will come and collect me soon and love me forever and ever because I am so special. That makes me happy! Come get me when you can forever family-I love you. Signed Sapphire.





Wendy is a little over twelve months old and is a real pocket rocket, full of energy, fun and love. She loves a good game of tug of war and must have somewhere where she can run and stretch her beautiful legs. Wendy would be great at agility training or as a running partner.
Wendy is a very intelligent girl and has come a very long way with her obedience training, always impressing her foster Mum. She is still a little excitable but is settling every day and will blossom further with a committed owner. Being a bigger girl she needs a home committed to training and daily exercise. As Wendy is a high activity dog, she is not suited to very young children or homes with free range chickens or cats.Wendy1


Shelley is a beautiful blue-eyed border collie x kelpie of approximately 5 yrs of age. Shelley loves to play with her foster sister and is quite the social butterfly when it comes to meeting new dogs. Shelley loves her pats and cuddles and whilst she is quite energetic at playtime, she is also content to snuggle up for a nap at your feet. She loves being included in weekend outings, whether it be to the dog park, a bush walk or the beach.
Shelley loves chasing a ball when by herself but when with her doggy friends she enjoys chasing them around! Her sweet nature and gentle nature make her a pleasure to take on walks in public places, but she does enjoy to stop from time to time to smell all the interesting scents!
If Shelley’s striking blue eyes don’t capture you at first, her heart definitely will.

To meet, adopt or find out more details about Shelley, please read our page on the adoption process and then fill out our adoption questionnaire. Please note that completing the application form does not place you under any obligation to adopt

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Are you looking for a young dog with heaps of smarts? Plays really well with other dogs, happy around children and a very quick learner. As a typical working breed dog, Blaze will need ongoing training and exercise so that he can become a happy, well adjusted member of your family.





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