Molly is a gorgeous little pocket rocket. In terms of size she is tiny. She is an affectionate girl who loves any game you’ll play with her. She also loves traveling with you in the car and is a bit of a social butterfly. Molly also loves nothing more than exploring her surroundings. She is a very inquisitive girl!

Molly is very smart and is doing well with her training. She will sit before food and always takes food gently. She responds well to correction when on the lead. Molly is looking for a home where she can be kept secure at all times and has a family that is willing to persist with her training. She loves company and will flourish with a family who has lots of time to spend with her.

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What an exceptional character our little Digby is!  A loyal loving fellow who enjoys being by your side.

Digby loves nothing more than being involved in the everyday happenings around the property.  What fun to follow his person as they do the chores or are busy in the workshop!  Cheerfully trotting along with you on whatever adventures the day may hold.

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STOP! Look no further! Are you looking for a SMART, LOYAL, GENTLY, OBEDIENT, clown of a dog? Well then you should meet Gundi!

Gundi is about a one year old Stumpy Tail Red Cattle Dog who loves to play and be around her “crew”. Since being in foster care she has really blossomed into an amazing companion and friend. She has learned how to “sit” “wait” “come/here” “shh” “no” “off” and “bed”. She has come to trust her foster parents and respect the boundaries of the older resident dog. She loves going for car rides and trying to catch the air as it whips past her face.

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If you are looking for love and loyalty this ‘Bloke’ could well be your perfect boy, he is the colour of cookies and cream with  symmetrical chocolate topping covering his ears and a perfect chocolate spot on the top of his wagging tail and I bet he’ll melt your heart just like icecream.  Bloke is a real charmer, he will sit for treats and takes food ever so gently from your hand, walks well on the lead, picked up the doggie door in a flash and has quickly understood that his toilet is outside.

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About me
My name is Gus.
My friends call me tall, dark and handsome, but I like to think that there is more to me than my beautiful shiny hair and my manly looks. I am a smart fellow, and have great manners. I am extremely obedient, and do as im told. Because I am so smart, I like to be kept busy and enjoy outings where I can learn new things and I also like spend time at home playing with my friends
I enjoy hanging out with my friends, my best friends let me sleep in their beds and keep me warm at night. I make friends easily, and am the life of the party. Sometimes I can be clumsy but everyone thinks that I am querky and funny to watch.
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Mindy is a sweetheart. She’s a supa cute (she has little white toes) smart little bundle of joy. She is on the smaller side at 16 kg.

Mindy loves her dinner and has learnt to sit and wait before she tucks in. Mindy also loves her walks with her foster brothers and indeed loves to be with them if not with her foster Mum. While she is young and active she will settle if you are busy and wait with her head on your feet.

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