Kahl is a little champion, he is always happy, always bouncing around and is capable of putting a smile on anyone’s face in an instant. He is intelligent, responsive and alert, with it only taking his foster Mum minutes to teach him good recall and to sit. Kahl loves to play, whether it’s with people or other dogs he instantly turns into a goof ball of fun and is hilarious to watch. Kahl is learning new things every day and is doing brilliantly while learning to walk on a lead.

Although he is enjoying his time in foster care, Kahl would love to find his forever family in time to spend Christmas with them. He would like to live with an active family, would be great with kids and more than happy to share his home with another friendly dog. Kahl is a real catch and is waiting to make one lucky family’s life a whole lot better.




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***I’m adopted*****

Norman is going to make someone a wonderful best friend he is a true companion dog who just wants to be around you he definetly likes a cuddle and a pat.

Norman is a little rounder than he should be but with a healthy diet and excerise that roundness should fall off, Norman is good on lead he walks right next to you, he is learning to wait for his food, Norman will sit and come when called however his recall isn’t 100% so will require some training. All and all Norman is happy guy who is looking for his forever home.

Norman may bark when someone is at the door but that is more alerting you than getting territorial

Norman likes to be the dominant dog so if he the dominant dog in his new home, then that will be the best position for him. When he’s allowed to be the then top dog Norman is great with other dogs.
Norman is not cat friendly. He has been exposed to cats and was quick to heckle
Norman is very child friendly & has been living with a one year old, a 4yo and 7yo whilst in foster care and he has been great with all of them
Norman hasn’t been exposed to livestock or poultry whilst in foster care

To find out more about Norman or to meet him with a view to adoption please fill out our adoption form on the page linked below. Please note that completing the application form does not place you under any obligation to adopt.

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Well maverick is one chilled out dude. He loves kids, he’s great with other dogs and loves to play or just hang out with whatever his human and/or dog foster family wants to do. Mr. Happy go-lucky family dog.
Just a short time out of the pound and he is very trusting of those around him and he has already played with toddlers and a very energetic persistent staffy, and hung out with his two foster siblings.
He has been fantastic with one little toddler who has taken a shining to maverick and he lapped up the pats, playtime, kisses and cuddles without any worry. See the photos to view maverick with kids, other dogs, and him just chillin’ and being a no fuss easy going dog. While he likes a walk and play times, he is happy to stretch out on the floor and have a snooze or entertain himself.
He has been good in the yard, does not appear to be a jumper, digger or barker, but there is still some cat familiarisation to do, though he has shown no sign of aggression to cats (corners them if he can then nudges or barks at them wanting them to play or run). There are two cats at his foster home.
He is getting much better on lead already, great in the car and is not reactive to other dogs or people in the car. He has been a gentleman with his 16 year old canine foster brother who has dementia and leaves him alone. He is also patient with his border collie foster sister than can be a bit grumpy. He knows when to hang back..
Maverick is just super adaptable!
To make Maverick a part of your family please complete our adoption questionnaire:

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I’m available for adoption :)

Mabel is a happy, loyal young girl and loves to follow you around. Mabel sits on command, walks loosely on the leash, and comes when called majority of the time. She get along well with humans and loves championship. She also gets along well with other dogs.

Mabel is a pleasure to have at our home, and she will make a wonderful companion to the right person.



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At only 10 months of age, this sweet young darling has been through so much in her short life.

Currently in foster care, Kelly is entrenched in the day to day rituals of family life. Sharing a home with her foster siblings (both kelpies), she blends in with the pack easily and has been submissive to the Alpha male. Within her foster home are two young boys who she absolutely adores and has quickly become their best mate.

Three cats can be a recipe for disaster with some dogs but Kelly shows absolutely no interest in them. As her foster mum, I have only heard her bark once and that was to be let out in the morning for her toileting. She has been crate trained since she came into care and prefers her own cosy space to snuggle down in the evening.

Kelly would thrive in an environment as somebody’s best mate or with a family who can shower her with the love and cuddles she so desires. She has basic obedience but would, naturally, benefit from additional reinforcement of sit, drop and stay.

This beautiful, soft natured girl is looking forward to find a family of her own who will love and cherish her forever.


Gypsy is a sweetheart. She’s a smart bouncy little bundle of joy. Gypsy walks well on lead, sits to have the lead put on and will, usually, sit for her supper. She gets along famously with her foster brothers though she is a bit in your face for one of them. Because she is so young and has puppy tendencies your shoes are not safe from the Gypsy redesign. She travels well in the car but would prefer to sit on your knee so a harness is a must. She loves children and because she is so small she would be unlikely to knock them over. She would make a wonderful addition to your family though she’d probably be happiest with another four legged friend to keep her company while you are away.

Catch up with what Gypsy has been getting up to on her face book page at


To make Gypsy a part of your family please complete our adoption questionnaire:

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