The first time Ebony was free to run and roam, to have the sun on her face was a mere few short months ago…..

Spending the first few weeks shaking in the corner of the stables to growing daily in confidence to roam around and play with her doggy foster brothers to even sleeping inside in her corner and actually going for a full walk on the lead and traveling beautifully in the car!

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Hazel is a beautiful girl full of energy and kelpie intelligence.

Pats, cuddles, walks, running, dog friends, tug toys, squeaky toys and sleeping on foster mum’s feet are Hazel’s favourite things.

She’s grown up with two Staffies so can play a bit rough and needs a firm hand with the training. Hazel can sit, shake hands, is responsive to correction and learns very quickly so she has lots of potential to be a terrific companion.
Hazel has always been an inside dog and does not like to be in her crate our outside by herself and gets distressed if left alone. She prefers company of humans and has been a hit at the office! People that meet Hazel love her, and think she is very sweet and full of character.

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Introducing Mouse!

Mouse is a female kelpie x staffy, approximately 1 year old. She is an incredibly affectionate dog, loving nothing more than having cuddles and lots of play time. She loves to run and play with her foster sister and brothers. Mouse is very active, and would be more suited to a home with another dog to play with. She will require lots of fun walks that incorporate training and ball throwing (which she loves).

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Syd is about 5 years old (maybe even a little older).  He is a light footed and fine boned type of Kelpie and maybe was a worker in his past life.  He is a very affectionate, smoochy and responsive dog and his foster family have totally fallen in live with him in just a few weeks.

Syd is very sociable with other dogs (he is currently living with three other working dogs) and does not really react to the other dogs he sees out and about on his walks.  He is pretty good at walking on lead, only pulling occasionally and even then he can be quickly convinced to come back to a better position.  He has been very gentle with all the children he has met and will happily let them pat him, even giving them a smooch and a kiss if they allow.

Syd loves his toys (balls, songs and tug toys are his favourites) and in true kelpie spirit loves to herd them all into the same spot.  Syd is so cute when his nose all wrinkles up when he entertains himself with a ball.  He thinks bitey-face wrestling games with the other resident dogs is also good fun. He loves going for walks and after returning home he always asks to go straight out again.  Once he knows that another walk is not going to happen he is very happy to find a spot to play with his toys or to nap in the sun for a bit.

Syd has not been tested with cats or birds while in foster care, but has not responded to either when on lead during our walks.  Airplanes and helicopters seem to be a totally new thing for Syd and he gets a little worried when he sees or hears them in the sky but quickly relaxes and forgets about them once they are gone.  Syd is originally from a rural area and has probably been exposed to livestock, but we don’t have any details how he behaves in those situations.

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Hi! My name is Tennessee but foster mum usually calls me “Gorgeous Girl”. I am a happy, fun loving little border collie! I love playing with my foster brother and I also love cuddles and pats, belly rubs are pretty good. I love going to the park to play and meet other doggie friends. I love my food, but always take my treats gently.

I’m learning sit and stay and will wait for my food. I’m getting better at walking on the lead and I sleep quietly in my crate all night. I can be a bit nervous at first with new things, but once I suss things out I’m ok.

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Sirius is an energetic and happy dog who just wants to be loved.

He loves playing with his human and doggie friends – he gets along with everyone he meets! He is a very fast runner, and very inquisitive. Sirius is looking for a home where he can be loved, exercised and have his training continued. He would love a doggy friend as he doesn’t like being lonely during the days and he would suit a family with kids or an individual, so long as he gets lots of cuddles and playtime!

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