The first time Ebony was free to run and roam, to have the sun on her face was a mere few short months ago…..

Spending the first few weeks shaking in the corner of the stables to growing daily in confidence to roam around and play with her doggy foster brothers to even sleeping inside in her corner and actually going for a full walk on the lead and traveling beautifully in the car!

Ebony is a gentle, sweet, beautiful dog and whilst her bad treatment hasn’t hampered her loving personality, it has taken a huge toll on her trust. She is extremely nervous and timid but has come out of her shell enormously in a few short months.

Ebony needs a very special home with an experienced dog owner who will patiently care for her and love her as she gains confidence and trust in all things in the outside world. It is very important that Ebony has a doggy friend in her new home as this will pave the way for her to build her trust with her new family.

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Chloe is a very happy and friendly girl, she would be fantastic for agility and in her short time in foster care, she has mastered the dog door, learnt how to sit and drop, she travels well in the car though very focused on looking out the window and taking in what is going on outside as she’s like a child who wants to know everything about everything because she’s super intelligent and just wants to please her human.

She gets on fine with other dogs but would much prefer to be by her master’s side as she is more human orientated that dog play orientated. She is great with kids, okay with the cat and needs a forever home who are prepared to give her the mental stimulation, training and human interaction she craves as she is a really lovely smart girl and is best suited to someone wanting a 24/7 companion.

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Introducing Bran (affectionately known as Bear by his foster mum as he is such a cuddly boy). Not only is Bran extremely handsome he is also super intelligent and has learnt a lot in his short time in care. He will sit, stay, shake, retrieve balls, take food and treats very gently from your hand and will wait his turn patiently for food. He learnt to use the dog door quickly and seems to have mastered toilet training now. He loves to go in the car and travels well. He is good on the lead but can get a bit strong with excitement when he sees other dogs as he likes to introduce himself to everyone. He has great agility and would suit an active home where he could put his agility and intelligence to good use. He also loves his down time chilling on the couch and in front of the fire.

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Lucy is a very beautiful smaller sized Kelpie around one year old.  She is a little timid but has lots of personality and is very friendly and loving to humans including young children. She also gets on very well with smaller dogs and dogs a little larger than herself.  Lucy hasn’t quite got all her training done but she is very quick to learn, she can sit on command, walks fairly well on the lead and we are currently working on waiting for her food and her recall which is doing very well.

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Meet Nalla! With striking good looks and very friendly personality. She has some basic training can sit, drop, has nearly got waiting for food, and is house trained.

Nalla has been let down in her earlier years as it dosn’t seem she has had much in way of socialization with other dogs and would need careful introductions. That being said, now her and her foster sister have got to know each other, they can play happily together.

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Meet Jenny, the happy, loving, full of beans and enthusiasm, Kelpie pup, looking for someone to spend her life with.

In her short time in foster care, Jenny has already learnt to sit, drop, wait before eating her dinner and is working on her stay and recall. Not bad for a young dog, don’t you think? She is a super smart pup and needs plenty of mental stimulation to keep her occupied, but she is such a joy to train! Anyone interested in a dog that will learn lots of tricks, Jenny would be the perfect choice.

Jenny is fantastic with other dogs, and she loves nothing more than playing zoomies or wrestling with her foster sister. As she doesn’t yet cope too well with being on her own, a family where she has a doggy sibling to reassure her when her humans are not at home, would be perfect for her.

A family with toddlers or small kids would not be ideal for Jenny, as she does get a little bit worried about their often loud and unpredictable behaviour. She would make a fabulous companion to older kids though, as long as they can throw a ball for her!

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