Well maverick is one chilled out dude. He loves kids, he’s great with other dogs and loves to play or just hang out with whatever his human and/or dog foster family wants to do. Mr. Happy go-lucky family dog.
Just a short time out of the pound and he is very trusting of those around him and he has already played with toddlers and a very energetic persistent staffy, and hung out with his two foster siblings.
He has been fantastic with one little toddler who has taken a shining to maverick and he lapped up the pats, playtime, kisses and cuddles without any worry. See the photos to view maverick with kids, other dogs, and him just chillin’ and being a no fuss easy going dog. While he likes a walk and play times, he is happy to stretch out on the floor and have a snooze or entertain himself.
He has been good in the yard, does not appear to be a jumper, digger or barker, but there is still some cat familiarisation to do, though he has shown no sign of aggression to cats (corners them if he can then nudges or barks at them wanting them to play or run). There are two cats at his foster home.
He is getting much better on lead already, great in the car and is not reactive to other dogs or people in the car. He has been a gentleman with his 16 year old canine foster brother who has dementia and leaves him alone. He is also patient with his border collie foster sister than can be a bit grumpy. He knows when to hang back..
Maverick is just super adaptable!
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Safe with AWDRI on route to foster care.

Pound notes: Young kelpie pup, female.

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Gypsy is a sweetheart. She’s a smart bouncy little bundle of joy. Gypsy walks well on lead, sits to have the lead put on and will, usually, sit for her supper. She gets along famously with her foster brothers though she is a bit in your face for one of them. Because she is so young and has puppy tendencies your shoes are not safe from the Gypsy redesign. She travels well in the car but would prefer to sit on your knee so a harness is a must. She loves children and because she is so small she would be unlikely to knock them over. She would make a wonderful addition to your family though she’d probably be happiest with another four legged friend to keep her company while you are away.

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Hello, my name is Murray and I am a Kelpie x. I am about 2 years old and I would like to think that I am as loveable, smart and funny as I look in my photos! I live with my foster family near Melbourne and I am quickly learning to be part of a home. My family is made up of 3 fur brothers, and 2 human sisters. I am very good with all of my family members, and enjoy playing with fury brothers and playing tug-a-war with my human sisters. I would be happy to live with another 4 legged friend or on my own. In my previous life I was not given much opportunity to learn anything, which is sad because I am very very smart Now I am safe with AWDRI and with my foster family, they are giving me lots of new things to learn and I am a quick study! I AM learning to use the dog flap (that’s a funny thing to do)! I learnt very quickly to walk on a lead and halti and I love my walks. I have learnt to sit, shake a paw, go to my bed when I am told and listen to my family when I am not allowed somewhere. I will be very grateful to have some further training, as I am very smart and eager and quick to learn. I am happy to travel in the car and like to look out the window as we travel along! I would suit being in an active family, but once I have had some exercise, I am happy to sleep at your feet, by the fire or in a comfy basket when the rest of the family relax, I like to relax too. I am real sweetheart and love to be with my human family. I enjoy belly rubs and pats and I love to chew on a pig’s ear or 2. I am happy to live inside with the humans but I also like to lie out in the sun during the day. I am a very affectionate boy, and when I get really excited my whole body wags. I am patient and well natured and take everything in my stride. I would love to live with a family who will give me the love and training I need and deserve. My foster Dad thinks I am an awesome dog, and that I will go from awesome to fantastic, and I will need to have a new family that will continue to teach me right from wrong, and have a firm but loving approach. If you would like to hear more about me, and if you think you might want to give me a forever home, please get in touch. I would make a wonderful pet and companion, I just need a family who will love me lots and in return I am sure I would return that love ten times over. To make Murray a part of your family please complete our adoption questionnaire: Continue reading

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