My name is Hydro. I am micro-chipped and desexed but somehow I ended up in the pound and I was sad. So a nice group of people got me safe and now I am staying with my 3 doggy foster sisters who are all working breeds also and they’re a lot of fun! My foster mum is a shift worker and I just fit in. If she needs to sleep – then we all sleep. I like to show you I’m grateful and often sit and put my paw on your arm and say “thanks” and smile. Or if you sit on the step next to me I’ll put my paw on your lap to try to tell you “I like hanging with you”.

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*Adoption Pending*

Jim is a senior boy who loves everyone; he enjoys long walks at the beach making new friends. Jim takes to each day with a happy and friendly outlook on life, he brings a happy step with him everywhere he goes.  Jim adores a good pat and cuddle as well as keeping your feet warm in front of the TV.
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Fudge is a beautiful natured boy who loves nothing more than being with his person. He’s a little unsure at first but warms to people quickly. Initially he suffers a little anxiety if he can’t see where you are but once he gets used to the idea that you will come back, he settles well.

He is quiet and gentle, gets along well with other dogs, good with children, happy to be wherever you are whether that be at home, at work or anywhere. If you want a dog you can take to work with you, he’s your man. He has been spending time in an office environment and will happily laze the day away as long as he can see you. He is best suited to someone who can spend a lot of time with him. He is not the kind of dog that would be happy alone in a backyard all day. He would definitely need a playful dog companion if this was the case. Continue reading


*Adoption Pending*

Ain’t love a wonderful thing? Just ask Patchouli. You see the love she feels for her people transcends all known love boundaries. Her heart is positively bursting with love and adoration. Her sole purpose in life is to cherish her people. She is affectionate and great with children.

Patch appears to be an ACD X Staffy and exhibits a choice mix of the finest attributes of both breeds. She is loyal, intelligent, sensitive, obedient and confident. She is sharing her foster home with four other dogs without issue but would shine like a diamond as an only dog as she is very focused on her humans. She is also great with the children in her foster home aged 10 to 14 years but but may be a bit strong for really little children. She would be suited to a home where her owner was around a fair bit and included her in their day to day life.

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Wiz is a totally loveable big goofball. He has a beautiful temperament and is a confident outgoing dog. He gets on well with other dogs and loves all people especially men. He has a beautiful smokey grey coat and is quite tall and leggy for a kelpie. Continue reading

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