Bashie is lovely pup of approx 9 months, he knows here, sit and paw. Bashie is going to make someone the best friend you could possibly hope for, he wants nothing more than to hang out with you.

He is good with other dogs and kids although he is still learning not jump on people, but is getting better all the time! Bashie is learning to be a gentleman with his dinner, waiting his turn. He is super responsive and just wants be part of the family.

Bashie needs to be supervised around livestock and cats.

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The first time Ebony was free to run and roam, to have the sun on her face was a mere few short months ago…..

Spending the first few weeks shaking in the corner of the stables to growing daily in confidence to roam around and play with her doggy foster brothers to even sleeping inside in her corner and actually going for a full walk on the lead and traveling beautifully in the car!

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Meet Copper! He’s a gorgeous little Kelpie with a lot of love to give. He has a rough start to his short life but that hasn’t stopped his playful attitude. He’s loves a cuddle any time of the day, the more the better.

Copper enjoys walks and exercise but is just as happy sit and lay around. He gets along very well with people and is very playful towards everyone he meets. He would be an excellent family dog. Toys aren’t really his thing but he is getting used to his Kong toy.

His puppy dog eyes will have you wrapped around his little paw!

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Hello, I’m Buzz. Now that I have matured and given up on my wild puppy ways, I am ready to settle down in a lifelong monogamous relationship. I don’t drink, smoke or gamble and I would never cheat on you or run away. I don’t bark. I have tidy toilet habits and I respect my toys – I would never destroy them, my bed, your shoes or your furniture.

I do like a daily adventure, especially hiking, bike riding, and beach or lake visits; but I also love a road trip just as much and will calmly sit and listen to your music even if it is Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift.

Really though, I just like to hang out with you. I will entertain myself while you do the gardening, occasionally checking on the quality of your work by sitting on it. I’m just as happy to cuddle on the couch with you for a Game of Thrones marathon or while you read a book. I do get a bit bored if you sit at the computer for too long and will come and put my head on your lap or nudge you to remind you that there are heaps better things to do outside.

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Winnie is a smart, young playful thing. She loves pats, cuddles and is quick on the uptake. Winnie stays close to you at the park and has great recall. She is good with other dogs, cats and children.

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Hi I’m Stella, I am a shy girl but I’m looking for someone who can help me turn into a shooting star!

I am an affectionate girl once you win me over! Will you be the right person to help me show that side of me?

While I have been in care I am learning to trust again and have become an affectionate, playful girl that loves cuddles and kisses from my foster mum (she’s kinda cool and has spoilt me while I’ve been here).

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