“Come all without, come all within, you’ve not seen nothing like the mighty Quinn”!  Well, they were the lyrics of a famous Bob Dylan song and very apt for this young handsome man.
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Grommet is a perfect mix of puppy fun and wise old man. He is lanky, uncoordinated and a klutz, but tries so hard. He is a quick, eager, learner, responds to voice and hand commands, and always wants to do the right thing.

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Louise is a 12 month old border collie cross kelpie and an absolute sweet heart. Louise wants to be someone’s best friend, companion and family member.

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*Adoption Pending*

Thunder your typical Aussie mate, what more could you ask for. The kind of dog that’s loves to just hang out during the day with trips to the park or the beach or even a run, or if its gardening you into then he is your guy, then come sun down Thunder will happily take his spot in the house and settle down for the night with some quality couch time.

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