Meet Rigby! This gorgeous boy is very excited because he is ready for his forever home! I will let Rigby introduce himself, and let you know what he is looking for in his forever family. Take it away Rigby!

HI! I’m Rigby! As you can see, I’m a blue cattle dog cross. I love to run and I have loads of energy, so if you love to keep fit and go walking, bike riding or running, I’m the right dog for you! I love people and other dogs, but I get a bit excited with cats and small animals, so I’m better off going to a home where these animals don’t live.

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Molly is a gorgeous little pocket rocket. In terms of size she is tiny. She is an affectionate girl who loves any game you’ll play with her. She also loves traveling with you in the car and is a bit of a social butterfly. Molly also loves nothing more than exploring her surroundings. She is a very inquisitive girl!

Molly is very smart and is doing well with her training. She will sit before food and always takes food gently. She responds well to correction when on the lead. Molly is looking for a home where she can be kept secure at all times and has a family that is willing to persist with her training. She loves company and will flourish with a family who has lots of time to spend with her.

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Lovely Little Lanie! A sweet, honest young girl with just the right amount of sass! A medium sized kelpie, Lanie has a zest for life and a curious nature.

Lanie is in foster care with two mature female kelpies who she dutifully imitates just like a little human sister would. When they grump at her, she’ll move away but bark back heartily from a distance, not brave enough to match them but not ready to give up the last word either! Lanie’s working bred instincts are strong, and when her toy mad friends have a game of fetch she zooms around on the wings intently prepared to stop any breakaways.

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Cruise is just as his name suggests, really cruisy. He fits in perfectly with his foster family and he is gentle and friendly. He’s a little bit timid upon first meeting new people and dogs, but as soon as he trusts you, he is loving and cuddly. When he is happy, his back end has a mind of it’s own and his tail wags uncontrollably.

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Marge is a sweet old girl, who would love nothing more than a comfortable bed and a human friend for company. While she doesn’t need runs twice a day, a leisurely stroll would be right up her alley, so she can sniff the grass and see the world. Despite her age, and a few missing teeth, Marge is in good health and loves her food.

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