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Peaches is a very sweet happy girl that loves lots of cuddles and pats. She loves being with humans and gets on well with other dogs.

Peaches has had some training knows how to sit (even if she does wriggle a bit), seems to understand “no” and “leave” and is learning to wait for food. Her lead work is fairly good although she can get a little distracted with different smells. She is also very well behaved inside.

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Rookie is a dog of contrasts. He loves to run and play and enjoys having the company of another dog, but he also enjoys the houndish pastime of lounging and getting as many cuddles as possible. He has very good recall, especially when whistled, due to being a sight hound mix, the urge to pursue things like sheep and kangaroos can test his resolve. He has quite good manners and sits, high fives and knows “go to bed” he is pretty good on lead and would sit on your knee if he could, such is his affectionate nature.

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Please let me introduce you to young Naji. Naji is a 9 month old black & tan Kelpie that we rescued from a rural pound in NSW with his sister Nimshi. Naji is a lovely boy and is at the right age now to continue his learning with some training. He is super smart and would benefit greatly from some obedience classes or some concentrated training with you. Naji is quite attentive and can be quite enthusiastic. Be warned he enjoys trying to shower you with licks!

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I’d like to introduce you to a beautiful natured girl named Ettie. She is a Kelpie cross approx 9 months old so still has a little growing to do. Ettie has settled in well and learnt the house rules in foster care living with 3 female furkid siblings.

She loves to snuggle her doggy foster sister at night, or a human if allowed to. And then she sleeps all night and hardly moves. She currently is in foster care with a shift worker and copes very well being left and all the changes in times!

She is a VERY affectionate dog who just loves to sit near you, be a part of the family and be included in what’s going on, gardening, outings, walking, car rides and loves a cuddle and belly rub!
If you’re wanting an outside dog to be a garden gnome and never inside… she’s not your dog! If she’s included she’s very settled. She does love lots of love though. Not needy, just loves a cuddle. Then settles on her mat!

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Sirius is an energetic and happy dog who just wants to be loved.

He loves playing with his human and doggie friends – he gets along with everyone he meets! He is a very fast runner, and very inquisitive. Sirius is looking for a home where he can be loved, exercised and have his training continued. He would love a doggy friend as he doesn’t like being lonely during the days and he would suit a family with kids or an individual, so long as he gets lots of cuddles and playtime!

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Roger has just arrived into care in the Bacchus Marsh region.

Further details to come.

To meet, adopt or find out more details about Roger, please read our page on the adoption process and then fill out our adoption questionnaire. Please note that completing the application form does not place you under any obligation to adopt


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