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05699 Female black, white 4/6yrs kelpie cross labrador BCC Thu 07/10/10 Thu 07/10/10 – SURRENDER
Kennel 2

This girl is a surrender. She is fully grown and would suit a person wanting a good companion which is past the puppy/chewing phase.

05699 Female B & W Kelpie X Lab 4-6yrs old Blacktown Pound

05699 Female B & W Kelpie X Lab 4-6yrs old Blacktown Pound

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One year old Brothers ‘Cooper’ & ‘Clint’ are just bubbas still and were adorable. Both very friendly boys who loved having a visitor. Both boys walked beautifully beside me on lead without pulling. Cooper and Clint both offered a sit on command for me, and quickly got the idea of drop with treats. Clint seemed to have the better recall of the two in the excercise run and both boys could offer a short stay. They interacted well with my children (4 and 7), were just a little snatchy with treats off them but were quick learners. Both boys were a pleasure to spend a bit of time with.

Note from volunteer – she was very unsure when I first took her out of the kennels and walked cautiously out to the big yard. She showed no aggression towards the dogs we passed in the kennel block. She took a little while to come around and feel comfortable. She spent a lot of time sniffing anything that was worth the time. Then it all seemed to click with her, that she could take off and run around. She was very excited running around, that was until I threw one of the toys. She loved it, we spent the rest of the time with me throwing and her catching and bringing the toy back to me, this we did many times over. She doesn’t jump on you at all, I didn’t hear her bark or show any aggression towards other dogs. She enjoyed a rub behind the ears but ultimately you’re on to a winner if you have one of these toys you see in the photograph.

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