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Marley is playful yet very obedient and loves to please, she’s been learning basic training and to walk off of the lead. She sleeps in her own bed, is toilet trained and doesn’t bark unless something is wrong. She loves cuddles and being around you, yet she’s also quite happy to be outside. She’s a little unsure of water, but still goes after it.
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Dax (Axel) is a well behaved young boy, his favorite thing to do is play with his foster brother. He is a fast learner, he knows how to sit, stay, he’s good on a lead and knows to go sit on his spot when told to.
He has a shiny black coat with beautiful hazel eyes.

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Bobbi – self-confident, friendly, and full of character! A gorgeous looking girl with plenty of spunk and just a little bit of goofiness!

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Shay 5 Shay 6 Shay 4 Shay 3 Shay 2 Shay 1Shay would love to accompany you for walks or a jog and she adores chasing balls. She walks well on leash and knows basic obedience commands. Shay has good food manners and takes treats very gently. She also has great recall.

She is currently living with 2 other dogs, horses and some stock, Shay get along well with all 4 legged animals. Shay however can not be rehomed with any poultry. She would be ideal on a vineyard or orchard as she would be excellent for keeping birds off the crops

Happy to join you for a trip anywhere whether she travels in the car or on the back of the ute, this girl needs someone to show her love, trust and how to enjoy life to the max.

Shay will need an active home or room to run, a family of her very own with children to play with or other furry companions to curl up with inside at night. Shay has lots of love to give, she is very easily trainable and just lives to please.


bobby (2) (Medium)

Bobby is a relaxed dog who is happy to spend his days laying around. He will hop up and keep you company when you are doing something but he is quiet and content the rest of the time. He’s not a barker at all so if you’re after a dog who will tell you when someone arrives then he’s not for you :)

Bobby is smaller than a regular Border Collie but has the classic Border Collie coat and markings.

He is best suited to a home with no other dogs where he can be the centre of attention. On the lead when he sees other dogs, he pulls and barks so his ideal situation would be to simply potter around at home. Alternatively if you are prepared to put the work in this can be trained to a manageable level.

He is happy to be indoors or outdoors. Bobby has shown no desire to jump fences, chew or dig. He appears fine with livestock. He expressed no interest whatsoever when shown chooks in their run. He was not interested in horses either.

He can sit (he loves his food so food rewards would probably be a good way to teach him more commands!) and he takes treats very gently from your hands. He’s polite and will wait to be told he can eat his dinner and will wait to be let into the house. He enjoys driving in the car and will happily watch what is passing by or will lie quietly until he reaches his destination.

To meet, adopt or find out more details please fill out our application form. Please note that completing the application form does not place you under any obligation to adopt.


If you’re looking for a new love in your life then look no further. Rosie is a striking young girl with a sleek and shiny black coat and bright intelligent eyes who is interested in everything and everyone. She can’t wait to wake up every day to explore her new world. There’s always something fascinating going on to keep her occupied!

Rosie is loving and affectionate and loves to get out and about and do whatever you’re doing – especially if it involves swimming or walking or running with you. You could teach her to run beside you whilst you are riding your bike as she’s a clever girl who would pick it up in no time at all.

Rosie loves spending time with her humans. If you want someone to snuggle with you on the couch whilst you watch TV, she’s your girl. Or maybe you’d like her to keep you company whilst you cook dinner or do some gardening. Rosie would be happy to do those things with you and more.

Rosie is currently learning her manners on the lead and almost has it mastered. She has already nailed potty training, coming when she’s called and sitting nicely. Rosie has a confident and slightly dominant nature so would be best homed with a more submissive canine buddy or she would do well as an only dog. She has been well socialised and loves to run and play with other dogs at the local dog park.

Rosie is a medium to higher energy dog that does require daily exercise and loves to run and run. She’s fast, active and agile and would also be suited for agility work or fly ball or as a working dog on a farm with further training.

Rosie is an intelligent and curious young girl who is all ready to go and continue her life adventures. She’s now just waiting for the right family to come along to give her the love and affection she deserves.

If you’re an active family, couple or singleton, why not send Rosie an email? This black beauty won’t hang around for long!

To meet, adopt or find out more details about Rosie please fill out our application form. Please note that completing the application form does not place you under any obligation to adopt.

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