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Edge is an amazing looking short-haired Border Collie. He was surrendered to us because his owner was moving to WA and could only take one dog. He’s in foster care now with another male Border Collie the same age.
He loves to swim, but isn’t so interested in toys and balls.
We think he may be a good working dog as he has come from strong working lines, and has previously produced good working pups. He also used to herd his owners chickens back into their pen, so seems as though there might be some potential.

If you are interested in adopting Edge please complete the adoption application on our website.

His adoption fee of $300 each covers his desexing, vaccination, heartworm test and commencement on monthly heartworm/worming/flea treatment.

This lovely boy was surrendered as owner has gone to work in Darwin mines.
He’s been a worker, is 3 years, has been wormed recently and gamma washed (?). His name is Greg.

Update 1/11 – Adopted from pound
Friendly and dog social….lovely dog. Has manners too.

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Age: Approx. 5 months
Height: Approx. 40cm
Location Found: shelter
Date Found: Monday, 22 August 2011
Described as timid when assessor tried to walk her out of the pound building. It took a lot of encouragement to lead her out. Once out in the yard she was pretty energetic, but still a bit timid. When assessor was walking her past the pound building, she preferred if assessor was situated between her and the building so it seems she now associates that building negatively. Her health appears to be good and she allowed a teeth check and full body handling. She sits after some encouragement and knows “come” command. She responds quickly to training. On lead she needs full training – doesn’t seem to have ever been on lead before and she chewed the choker chain and kept resisting the tug of the lead. She chased the rope toy a little but didn’t really play with it. She was too timid to play with the noisy, squeaky toy and she startled during the “startle test” (squeaky toy). When walked past the other dog cages she was timid of them. Overall this young girl needs training using positive reinforcement and guidance. She’ll require plenty of daily exercise and mental stimulation. She also needs supervised socialisation with other nice dogs so she can learn how to have fun with them.
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*Safe with Scallywags if not adopted *

Age: Approx. 3 years
Height: Approx. 42cm
Location Found: Koorlong
Date Found: Wednesday, 24 August 2011
Additional Info: note this dog is yawning not growling!!!

Described as alert and energetic. He’s very intelligent, friendly and affectionate. Overall this boy is good natured and loving. He loves to be around people (including kids). He shows many traits of a heeler, e.g. displayed signs of strong bonding and protectiveness. He will need a good sized yard, good daily exercise and perhaps even another dog in the household to play with.

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RFS-11580 Female Heeler x Labrador – SIGN TURNED, DUE NOW
Age: Approx. 4 months
Height: Below knee
Weight: Approx. 10kg
Location Found: Mini pen
Date Found: Sunday, 24 July 2011

Described as a very friendly, playful girl who is full of energy and seems to be quite intelligent. She was interested in her surroundings and enjoyed being with people. Her health appears to be good and she allowed a teeth check and full body handling – loved the attention. She has no formal training and she didn’t like the lead at first – needs training with this as well. With other dogs she wants to play and gets up in their faces – so needs to learn her manners with this. There were no indications of dominance and she showed no signs of aggression with other dogs or humans. There were no signs of resource guarding. Overall she’s a friendly, outgoing little girl who should fit into a household where the owners have time to train her and provide adequate exercise.

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