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Brady - Border Collie


Brady is a very smart dog who needs a dedicated person with border collie knowledge. He seems as though he needs to be on a farm and does a brilliant border collie stalk! This behaviour is not appropriate in our environment (shelter) and he may get himself into trouble one day.


He is highly food motivated and well trained already, and always willing to learn new tricks. Brady does not like other dogs and has shown aggression to other dogs at a very short distance, however we are hoping that it is only this stressful environment which is causing him to react this way.


He needs to be out working or with someone that can put the training into him and keep him entertained. These breeds don’t cope well in kennels so he needs to get out of our environment and into a foster home with someone who has border collie experience, or even a farm!

Cheeky - Border Collie


Although she is getting on with age, Cheeky has a bag of tricks up her sleeve and is so attentive and food motivated that she is still willing to learn – she has brilliant focus on her handler at all times.


She can be a little timid and aloof at times, however she has built a lot of confidence since being with us. We have not had her interact with any other dogs so she would need to build up socialisation, however due to her smart nature and fantastic focus she can be within 2m to another dog with no negative reaction.


These breeds don’t cope well in kennels so she needs to get out of our environment and into a foster home – or even better, her forever home.

Prims 2


 Hello, my name is Panda and I am looking for my forever home!  I am a black and white Border Collie x Lab and I am 12 weeks old.

 I am an inquisitive little pup and love to go exploring. I do hope that my new family like cuddles because I love attention and having cuddles!

 I have heard about doggy obedience school and I have decided I would like to go!  I would like to be a smart dog when I grow up.  It sounds like so much fun and I will enjoy making new friends.

 If you would like a friendly cute puppy who will be your best friend, then please send in an application so that we can meet!

 Lots of cuddles and licks,


To meet, adopt or find out more details about Panda, please read our page on the adoption process and then fill out our adoption questionnaire. Please note that completing the application form does not place you under any obligation to adopt – 




Female, 3 year old, black and white spotted ACD at the Department of Animal Service, Canberra, ACT.  Sweet girl, very gentle and calm.  Has recently had a litter of puppies.  Knows to sit & stay, very good on the lead, and very food motivated.  Loves people, would be okay with another calm dog.

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