*On trial with my new family*

Introducing Lawson, a 10 year old deaf ACD. This gorgeous old man has fitted into his foster home beautifully with his winning personality & easygoing nature.
Lawson is very people focused, from the moment you step through the door he won’t leave your side. He is tolerant & well socialised with dogs large & small but doesn’t appear to require their company, he’s a people dog!

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Bear 2

Bear is a happy-go-lucky boy who is affectionate, loyal & has loads of personality.  He’s a low – medium level energy dog & would be happy in either a residential backyard or on a property. He would love a daily walk or trip to the dog park but would also happily stay in the yard during the day. He wouldn’t mind being an outdoor dog but of course would enjoy coming inside too!

He is quite playful with other dogs and would love being part of a family or with a person who have another dog otherwise would easily adapt to being an only dog with a family or person who would involve him in their day to day activities. He would be best in a family that does not have young children.

He’s not a barker which is fantastic, the only time he’s been known to bark is occasionally when he gets hypo & playful with other dogs & even then doesn’t bark much. He would cope with someone who works full time as long as they integrate him into their day. He loves a morning play then is happy to laze around on the back napping. He has excellent recall, basic manners & obedience training. He’s fine around horses and is a little scared of them & prefers to roll in the paddock!

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Hi my name is Zoe. I was surrended by my owner a little while ago as their circumstances changed. Their home was the only home I had ever been in until I came into foster care. I am lucky enough to be fostered with my older companion ‘Jack’ who was also surrended with me. This has helped me ease into my new surroundings as I love to play with him and I love to follow him around everywhere.
I am very well behaved and I have never shown one ounce of trouble to my foster carers – I don’t bite, chew, bark or dig! I am not really a ball chaser but I am happy to chase other dogs instead :)
My foster parents are currently training me to sit and wait for my dinner until I am told to eat. Each day I get better with this and I am very proud of myself.
I travel well in the car, can walk on lead and am learning new commands like, sit, wait, come..
I am very good with children and my foster carer’s 2year old loves me.
I would be happy in a home with other dogs or by myself with lots of love and attention Zoe4



Hi my name is Jack. I was surrended by my owner due to changes in their circumstances. Prior to my foster home it was the only home I had ever known. I have grown up around children and I love people. I am very affectionate and love to give people big bear hugs – I guarantee I will give you the best hug of your life! I am very tolerant (I have grown up with a younger dog who follows me everywhere and likes to play bitey with me all the time!!) and I really love to eat bones.
My favourite thing to do is chase the birds flying in the sky. I can run and run for hours and the only thing that gets tired is my tongue..the more tired I am the more my tongue hangs out :)
I am very well behaved – I don’t bark, bite, chew or dig. People comment all the time about how special I am and what a beautiful personality I have.
I would be happy in any long as you like big hugs of course :) Jack 1

Jack 4

Jack 5


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