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DAS Yard 15 – Male desexed Blue Cattle Dog Male approx 6 years

Hand in notes: Reason for surrender – split up no home to keep him. Owned the dog from 8 weeks – 6 years. Not good with dogs, cats. Toilet trained. Replied “N/A” for the question “is dog good with children.” Wrote that he barks and needs “social work/training”.

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Willow is a very loving and sweet girl who just oozes personality! She is absolutely incredible at playing fetch. Everyone at the dog park is overly impressed at how good she is at such a young age. She goes to the dog park most days and she has no issues with any of the other dogs, she plays well with everyone! Willow sleeps inside at night and spends her days outside exploring and enjoying life. If you are looking for a clever, energetic, loving little girl then Willow is the one for you!Willow1




Hello World!! My name is Tia and I am looking for my very own family. I am a happy puppy and would love to meet you and hang out for a bit. Going for coffee would be fun or a run through the paddocks, I will be happy just to be with you. Tia is a delightful little girl. She is very smart and can, sit, lay down, walk on a lead, respond to her name and come when called. She is happy to play with people, other dogs or simply amuse herself. At the moment she is used to being kept both inside and outside but would easily take to being an outside dog if required. She is not fazed by noises such as a vacuum cleaner, outside noises such as construction work, however she is alert and will let you know if someone is at the door. Hope to hear from you soon. xxx








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