Hi, my name is Tippy and I am very happy! I am looking for my special family who will love me for forever.

When I found myself in the pound I was sooo scared as it was noisy. Then AWDRI got me out and I went into foster care and my kelpie foster sister laid down beside me and let me sleep. She makes me feel safe and relaxed so I really want to live where there’s another confident, fun dog like me! My foster mum says we’re like Mini me and I copy what she does.

I am very polite with food, I take treats very gently. I sit and “wait” for my dinner like the other dogs here. I am a very good sleeper, toilet trained, LOVE going for outings and rides in the car. I just think water is so much fun. We go to a creek a couple of times a week and it’s fun, so is the beach!

I can shake hands (well I high 5 actually), sit, drop, wait, come, round legs, and learning roll over and commando crawl. If I am off lead occasionally I chase a bike tyre but I have learnt NO means NO!
I am 5, my previous owners said I was good with kids and cats. I like the kids at the park- they give me pats. I really like a cuddle but I’m a bit wary of people I don’t know so please be patient with me. Sometimes I won’t even come inside for my foster mum and keep just far enough away so she can’t get me. But she leaves the door open and I come in and go on my mat when I’m ready. (I love people but just take some time to trust you).

But when I’m settled I really like a cuddle, LOVE a belly rub and a playing with you. If I really like you I let you pat my bottom. Lucky you! If I miss you I sometimes steal a shoe and take it outside. I don’t chew it, I just move it. If I really miss you I move 2!

My foster mum is a shift worker and she says I just fit in. Sometimes we all go back to bed and I snuggle into her legs and am very quiet and don’t move so she can sleep. But she says sometimes I have a girly snore!

I like to be part of the family, going for outings, supervising gardening, or if you watch TV I’ll flop down on a mat and sleep.

I don’t like thunder and lightning but I do love playing with other dogs, its so much fun. I get excited when they don’t run – so the cattle dog in me comes out and I give them a little nip on their heels. I’m learning not everyone appreciates that so much. But I am happy so don’t get upset when they tell me off. I just smile! And keep playing. I like chasing birds too.

Something you should know: When I got desexed it mucked up my hormones a bit. When I used to wee sometimes I would leak for a few minutes. But my foster mum has worked out a way to stop that and she can tell you how easy it is. ☺ A tablet once a week and some cream rubbed into my belly every night and it’s all stopped!

So I am looking for a family with:
Another dog who is fun.
Who will take me for walks and outings every day where there’s water cause I over heat quickly.
Where I can be inside when you are. I am not needy I just like to be part of the family. If you watch TV I’ll flop down on a rug and sleep. Unless you want a cuddle????
Take me for rides in the car
Who will love me lots but be patient and give me space in new surroundings.
Who has a shell pool with water in it.
Who will let me sleep inside.
If this is you please see the link below!

To meet, adopt or find out more details about Tippy please read our page on the adoption process and then fill out our adoption questionnaire. Please note that completing the application form does not place you under any obligation to adopt

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Chevy is just a little baby and will probably only be a small boy. He is loving and affectionate but also very cheeky. Chevy will need an extra special owner as he is deaf. He is in training and responding very well, he is keen to learn and loves praise. However as he is deaf Chevy does require consistency when training. Gets on well with other dogs and loves human interaction. Will need to room to run and lots of love.

Petrescue link –

If you are interested in adopting Chevy please contact Wide Bay Animal Rescue – 0407 371 538

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Name: Devin

Breed: Blue Heeler x

Age: Adult / Unsure

Sex: Male

Vetwork: Already Desexed, needs everything else

Pickup: Brisbane

Description: Devin is a handsome fellow who needs someone special to save his life. He’s been surrendered to the pound because he didn’t obey his owner. He is frustrated in the pound, he’s barking a lot and he generally is not enjoying life. This is not good for Devin because you may ask – “who would foster him?” Well, we need someone with some space for him to run, some patience to help him learn, and some time to teach him that not all humans will give up on him. He’s got it in him to be a fine dog – he just needs you to help him shine. Can you help?

Carer Needed Asap

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