Border Collie x Kelpie



Louise is a 12 month old border collie cross kelpie and an absolute sweet heart. Louise wants to be someone’s best friend, companion and family member.

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Jalen is a spritely and soft-natured pup who is looking for a home where he will be a true part of the family and receive lots of play time and affection. He is currently being toilet trained and accidents inside are becoming fewer. He loves to play with other dogs and enjoys being in the company of people. He is not shy about coming up and wanting cuddles and kisses and to play.
He would benefit greatly from puppy school and obedience training to keep him stimulated both mentally and physically as he grows up. He would be best suited to a home where he will be given the time he deserves and the love of a family who are looking for a loyal and loving companion.

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Hi, I’m Xavier, a sweet, loving, bouncy, happy boy.

I’m great with humans of all shapes and sizes, I love playing tug-o-war with my Kelpie foster-sister and I even don’t mind cats.

I love snuggles with my human foster family, and play time with anyone and everyone (Human or canine) interested.

If you think I would fit in with your fun-loving family, apply to adopt me today.

Love Xavi.

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