Border Collie x Kelpie


Hi there! My name is Sheldon and my foster mum thinks I am one of the most handsome young pups going around. My foster family aren’t exactly sure how old I am but between my long gangly legs that I sometimes still trip over (I’m getting used to them!) and my playful nature, they guess somewhere between 8-12months old.

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LaTrobe – IMP 19858 – Male Kelpie x Border Collie

SAFE WITH AWDRI – Further details to come

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*On trial with my new family*

G’day I’m Rusty, a chocolate brown ball of fun. My foster mum says I’m just like Mary Poppins … Practically perfect in every way !!!

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My name is Rocco and my foster family can’t quite believe what a great, easygoing fellow I am.  Not only am I adorable, as you can see, but I’m house trained and have a bit of basic training.  I absolutely adore humans of all shapes, sizes and ages – sometimes I can get a bit carried away with licking them – and I’m also crazy about my foster sister, a little terrier.  Now that I’ve worked out that I don’t have to be afraid of the family cat, I’ve become good buddies with her, too.

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Moby – Safe with AWDRI – Further details to come

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Coby has found himself looking for a forever home through no fault of his own, and he knows he will have new people very soon with his good looks and charm!

Coby is a bundle of energy in a wiry excited frame. He loves to walk around on his hind legs to get a better look at the action, and sometimes he gets so excited he forgets he loves food! Coby so desperately wants to show you how he loves you with every fibre of his being, he just needs to learn how. He is extremely responsive to training once he’s calmed down, and with clear strong guidance Coby will be a faithful and loving dog.
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