Jet is a very intelligent, cuddley little girl. She LOVES to play with her soft toys and her foster brother. She’s learning, quickly, to wait for her food, to sit and to sit and wait at the door before being invited in. Jet loves nothing more than to follow you around the house and be where you are. She loves meeting new people and being the centre of attention. She is typical kelpie in her stance and behaviour and loves to stalk her foster cat brothers, but doesn’t mind when they whack her for getting a little too friendly. She is a beautiful girl who expresses herself quite clearly, whether she is actually talking back to you or just tilting her head and probably wondering “what is this silly human going on about”! If you’re looking for a lifelong friend, you will find the perfect one in JetJet4




Molly is a gorgeous little pocket rocket. In terms of size she is tiny. She is an affectionate girl who loves any game you’ll play with her. She also loves traveling with you in the car and is a bit of a social butterfly. Molly also loves nothing more than exploring her surroundings. She is a very inquisitive girl!

Molly is very smart and is doing well with her training. She will sit before food and always takes food gently. She responds well to correction when on the lead. Molly is looking for a home where she can be kept secure at all times and has a family that is willing to persist with her training. She loves company and will flourish with a family who has lots of time to spend with her.

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Nelson – a lovely boy, affectionate, handsome, good hearted, and just a pleasure to be around!

Nelson enjoys both doggie and human company. He dutifully obeys the leadership of his bossy foster sisters, yet every now and then he quietly won’t back down from the big issues… like sharing the outside bed with them or tucking into dinner from their bowl! At times, he’ll coyly leap around trying to entice them into a game! Oh and when they run as fast as they can, he stretches his long legs and flies alongside them – in truth often flies past them much to their horror!

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Having Fudge in your home is like welcoming a polite older gentleman in. He’s quiet, friendly and gentle. He loves people and will happily trot around with you, he’s very good at being close without being in your face. He makes very little noise and is the sort of companion that could go to work with his people and sit quietly nearby.

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