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Hi Everyone, I’m Cahill!

I’m a young 18 month border collie x, and I absolutely love life!

It didn’t take long for my current foster mum to realise that I LOVE my balls, and will happily play fetch all day if she allowed me to! I also apparently love to swim, but haven’t been to the beach since moving in with my foster family as they live a fair way from it, but I have been bushwalking, which I also love.

I am very friendly to everyone, but sometimes my enthusiasm for life gets me very excited when meeting new people, so would be best introduced to younger humans slowly.

I love playing with my foster fur sister very much, but she’s not as quick as me when playing fetch so has given up! So I would love a furry friend who’s as fast as me to hang out with all day until my new family get home and take me out for a walk to the park or to play some fetch.

I’m fully toilet trained, I will sit and patiently wait for my dinner until told it is “okay”, My recall does need some work, but I’m a smart boy and as long as there is no distractions (such as my balls) I will pay attention!

For now I’m just happy enough with my foster family but would love to get to my forever family ASAP so I can share my love for life with them!


Bodhie is a very happy and social boy who will greet you with an excited whole body wag, and who loves to provide affection and cuddles. He loves to play and when out about on walks, or playing in the park, he has to say hello to every person he meets. Bodhie is great with other dogs and children but hasn’t been tested with cats. It’s difficult to believe, but this happy soul was surrendered due to his fondness for chasing chickens, so sadly Bodhie would not suit a home with poultry.

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Buddy has huge quantities of love & kisses to give. After a miserable first two years, spent on a chain he knows sit, shake hands, is showing pretty good recall, much improved lead manners and is 95% house trained. The scars he has on his neck from a chain and his obvious need to continue gaining weight and building muscles, have not dimmed his enthusiasm for life. Buddy plays happily with other dogs of all sizes, is good with poultry and horses.

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What an appropriate name for this dog, he really is a gem. So calm and responsive for such a young boy, Onyx has settled amazingly well into foster care. He seems to have had little or no training but is incredibly smart and learning really fast. He is very well behaved on lead and his recall is excellent. Onyx is playful and energetic but not at all hyper. He is friendly to everyone he meets and gets on well with other dogs.

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*Adoption Pending*

Snoopy is a happy, lovely boy who – in true Kelpie style – just wants to please his human. He is super clever, already picking up commands well and is very quick to understand what is expected of him. Snoopy loves to play with other dogs and while he is as energetic as any Kelpie, he settles quickly when asked. After his play or run, he is happy to just laze around.

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Boof is a gorgeous well mannered boy who is settling into suburban life very well with his foster family.

Boof is a very friendly sturdy young boy who interacts with all the people and other dogs in the house and outside very nicely. Boof grew up on the farm with his litter mate Bodhie all his life and as such doesn’t like to be left alone very long. He loves spending time with his foster sister playing outside and loves lots of affection and laying around indoors as well. Best suited to a house with another dog or lots of company.

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