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Hunter is a 1 year old red and tan Kelpie.  He is such a friendly boy with both humans and other dogs.  Hunter has a beautiful calm nature and takes everything in his stride.  Like all Kelpies he has energy to burn and loves a good run in the park.

It appears that Hunter has not had leash training and at first seemed unsure but in just a few short hours was walking on the lead without pulling.  His training in walking on the lead and obedience needs to be ongoing to get the best from this boy.  With positive reinforcement techniques this won’t be a problem because he is incredibly smart and eager to please.

Hunter has lovely food manners, he sits for his food and accepts pats while eating.  He eats calmly alongside the other dogs and shows no signs of guarding.

Hunter has also been crate trained and house trained in a very short time.  His behaviour inside has been impeccable and he loves to lay in front of the TV of a night time with the company of humans and other dogs.

The ideal home for Hunter would be one where he gets the opportunity to have a good run everyday, a walk on the lead with his human to bond and learn obedience, affection, healthy food and  be able to spend time with you and sleep inside of a night.  Hunter would also love another doggy brother or sister for company and play.

To meet, adopt or find out more details about Hunter, please read our page on the adoption process and then fill out our adoption questionnaire. Please note that completing the application form does not place you under any obligation to adopt


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Joey is a sweet natured dog who loves people and other dogs, loves cuddles and loves the back of a Ute. He is quite social and well-mannered around other dogs, is curious about cats, as yet unfazed by poultry. Probable not suited to a property with horses, but with time and patience this may change. He is good in the car, great on the back of the Ute, leads well most of the time, sit and drop and his house manners are improving quickly. Joey’s recall is improving as he has yet to become accustomed to his new name.

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Hi my names Juno. I’m a Kelpie cross. I’m 16 weeks old and I have my whole life ahead of me and so much love to give to my new forever family. I promise to be the best addition to your family. I promise to wag my tail when you get home and listen to your worries and make them all better.

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Jared is lovely 12 month old Black Kelpie x. He loves to have a cuddle and to do ZOOMIES in the back yard and of course, being a Kelpie he enjoys a walk!

Jared has had little to no exposure or training before coming into care, but while in care we have worked on exposure to multiple dogs and children, we are working on our general people manners such as not jumping on people, waiting to be invited in or out of the house/barn/crate. Jared is learning to sit, come and wait for command before eating. This is an ongoing process and will need to continued.

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As you can no doubt tell from his photographs, Barnie is a BFD…Big Friendly Dog!

He is one of the happiest and most exuberant young men that you will ever meet. Barnie just loves people, so much so that his career as a Correctional Services dog was cut short as a result of him being far too friendly! If you are prepared to spend your time with him, and throw a ball, Barnie will be your friend for life. Barnie would greatly benefit from further obedience lessons and will be a pleasure to train, he’s a smart boy and picks things up quickly. He is very motivated to learn especially when treats are involved!

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Socks has a very sweet affectionate gentle nature. She loves cuddles and is a real people dog. She gets on brilliantly with all dogs and loves to play as she is very playful.

Socks likes chasing the ball and play tug of war with either people or other dogs. She loves water and the dog parks. She’s responding very well to positive training and would be a good dog if someone was interested in training as she likes learning.  At the moment she can sit, drop, shake and she knows to get into the cage on back of the Ute. She travels fine in cars and has the easy to do anything with personality nothing bothers her.

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